What Are You Focused On The Most?


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Let us continue our series on Boasting and the life of Paul. Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel! He was not ashamed of its Compiler! ! He was not ashamed of its contents! He was not ashamed of its consequences! What happens when the gospel is shared? Lives are changed! Granted, not everyone welcomes it….and that is a sad fact. For those that do, it transforms their life. Paul knew that hos own life had been mysteriously transformed! He was as bad as they come! So he boasts! He boasts in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! He says, “I’m not ashamed of it” Are you?

Are you giving Jesus first place in your life?

Do you brag about yourself?

EGO, stands for edging God out!

4 years ago this month Sharon and I took hold of the Lord’s Hand and began our service to Him at FGGAM. All for His glory! Thank you LORD! Thank you all who have supported our efforts for the LORD! We love you all more than you will ever know!!!! Board Members: Bill Ruhl Bob Pate Wannel Pate Barbara Gould Sonia Haylett Kathy Richardson Garcia Advisors: Don Kimbro Paul HoltLeonard-Diana Navarre Ruben Lucy Rivera GomezJose Vasquez Walter Bradley FGGAM.ORG This is a picture of our first brochure that helped kick off the ministry to share with folks what FGGAM is all about.



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