Trump, Ryan, McCain, Women Voters and Obama

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Trump Declines to Endorse Speaker Ryan, Senator McCain
The GOP’s top elected official does not have the support of the party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump tells the Washington Post – a nearly unprecedented move in modern political history.
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Insecticides for Zika Mosquitoes Not Working as Hoped, Officials Say
Some experts say Zika mosquitoes may already be in other parts of Miami, or beyond, after initial localized infections of the virus were identified.
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President Obama Calls Trump ‘Unfit to Serve as President’
In his strongest criticism yet of the Republican presidential nominee, the president called on Republican leaders to take back their support of Trump.
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New Report Suggests There is Little Evidence That Flossing Works
For decades, Americans have been told flossing is essential for good dental hygiene, but a new report suggests there is little evidence to back that up.
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ISIS Has Expanded to 18 Countries Since U.S. Military Campaign Began
Classified documents obtained by NBC News show that ISIS has become operational in some capacity in at least 18 countries – up from 7 in 2014.
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Video Shows Pilot Tackle Passenger Who Pushed Flight Attendant
After an unruly passenger shoved a flight attendant to the ground, the pilot of an American Airlines flight took matters into his own hands and tackled the man.
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Trump Faces Daunting Gap With Women Voters
A new NBC News poll, which was taken after the conventions, shows that Donald Trump’s existing gap among women voters is not improving.
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Inside the Rio Olympic Village as Athletes Arrive for Games
When the Olympic Games begin, the athletes’ village will host 18,000 people in 31 buildings.
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