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Leaving Radio

One of my favorite movies from childhood was Mary Poppins.  I loved everything about it.  Well, almost everything.  I always found myself frustrated and disappointed when she delivers her line “I shall stay here until the wind changes.”  While Mary Poppins’ motivation was always to bring about a transformed relationship in the Banks family, I couldn’t help but be sad as the winds carry her out of London.

Now, I find myself in a Mary Poppins moment in my career.  The winds of change have begun to blow, and come Monday, I will find myself in a new role.  Before I explain where I am going and why, I want to take a moment to remember the decade in radio that helped shape me personally, professional and even to some degree, spiritually.

When I set out to earn my bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism, I had the idea that I was going to be the next Katie Couric (back when she co-anchored the Today Show).  Fast forward 4 years to the end of college and by the time I had my diploma in hand, my confidence in being able to secure a TV anchor roll was all but smashed.

Several years and two children later, I saw an ad in the paper for an opening at a AM talk radio station.  I applied, interviewed, and by the grace of God, was hired to co-host the AM730 Morning Show.

For more than 8 years, I developed my skills as a radio “personality”.  Conducting thousands of radio interviews and talking about politics, religion, and life was what consumed hours of each and every day.

I loved Annette Garcia and the Son Broadcasting family, but when an opportunity came up to try my hand at another aspect of radio early in 2015, I took it.  I’ve appreciated my time working at Calvary with Star 88 and KNKT.  It’s challenged me, stretched me and caused a great deal of introspection as I sought after what direction the Lord would have me go.

I always thought that if I leave radio, it would be to move “up” to work in television.  Surprisingly, the wind isn’t blowing toward a TV studio, but rather, into my first non-broadcast role in over a decade.

I have been hired as the new Executive Director of Love Inc.  What is Love Inc.?  Very simply stated, Love Inc. Is an organization that connects churches with the community.  It allows churches to work together as a network, accomplishing more together, than they can on their own.  Additionally, it provides a help line where those in need can make a phone call and get connected to multiple resources.

I didn’t wake up one morning thinking “I’d like to be the director of an organization.”  While I am absolutely honored and thrilled with the opportunity to begin my new role, the decision to leave radio required many agonizing days of prayer and conversation with trusted counselors.  It’s no small thing for me to walk away from a career field that has helped shape much of who I am.

Just as Mary Poppins set the stage for the Banks family to be successful on their own, I think radio helped put into place the elements needed for me to fly as well.  I certainly hope that those I have worked alongside in the broadcast world will remember our interactions with fondness.

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