Is Prayer Really The Key? Day 2 Challenge…Angel’s Prayer of The Day

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Is Prayer Really The Key? Day 2 Challenge…

Yesterday, I went to church and took along my granddaughter.  Of course she is so beautiful and I tell her all the time. She is now four months old. I asked a beautiful young lady to join her faith with mine as I would have a prayer time at a clinic tomorrow (today). I chatted with a young mom and her husband as they glowed holding their beautiful baby.

After church, I went to see my handsome grandsons. I got them all wired up, fired up as only boys can be, before heading home.

I joined my faith with kids yesterday. Last night before going to sleep, I asked my granddaughter to join her faith with mine and I prayed the prayer of agreement for all the children around this world. So many lose their lives before it ever begins outside the womb. We prayed that girls and women would be well informed of the emotional aftermath of their choices. We prayed for every woman suffering around this globe that is suffering in silence. We asked God to make them whole again, as only He can do. She just looked up and smiled as I prayed the prayer of agreement.

  Matthew 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

You said to pray, to believe and to receive. We pray Your Word according to Matthew 21:22. Amen

Today is day 2 of the week long challenge. Let’s commit to pray with at least one other person every day for a week. Let’s ask God Himself to set it up. We will keep our eyes and ears open for the person we will meet today that needs prayer. God loves His people and wants to meet them right where they are at. We are His ambassadors. Aren’t you excited about the challenge?

We will pray with that person and join our faith. We will be filled with expectation of fulfillment of God’s Word as we agree in prayer.  We will close off the voices of the naysayers and those with negative words contrary to the Word of God? We will take God at His Word for that person’s need, yes we will. No matter how big or how small, we will pray the prayer of agreement with them and for them. We will thank the Lord for answering that prayer according to His Word. (If God Himself gives you further instructions, be obedient.)

I am so excited. I am ready myself for the second day of this challenge. My eyes are open and my ears are too. Spirit lead us to that person(s) today. We are ready for the challenge and filled with expectation.

Let’s pray:

Father, thank you for loving us when we were yet sinners. Jesus, thank you for willingly laying down your life for mankind. We come before you this morning praying in agreement. We thank you today for God assignments. Use us to be a witness to the world around us  and show them Father that yes prayer is the key.

Thank you for being a man of your Word. Your Word states in Numbers 23:19  God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does He speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? Thank you that we can believe your Word. 

I pray today many will journey the next six days in prayer with me as I share (with permission of course) where He leads me to join my faith in the prayer of agreement challenge. I am already looking for my red pen to put the heart on His answer to the request.

Today we receive the Word of the Lord. We believe and yes we declare prayer is the key. Amen

Have a blessed day beautiful people, have a blessed day!



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