Historic Flooding and Fires, Where is The President?

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Police: U.S. Swimmers Were Not Robbery Victims, Fabricated Their Account
Police said Thursday that Ryan Lochte and three other U.S. swimmers made up the story about being robbed after vandalising a Rio gas station, which led to a confrontation with security.
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No End in Sight as California Wildfires Continue to Spread
The level of destruction from California wildfires is so bad that officials don’t yet have a total count of destroyed homes, but one of the biggest losses includes a popular old Route 66 hotel.
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President Obama Faces Vacation Criticism as Louisiana Flood Develops
Days of heavy rain and rising waters have devastated parts of Louisiana, where the death toll is now at least 13 and more than 80,000 people have already applied for federal assistance.
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Clinton Responds to ‘Deranged Conspiracy Theories’ About Her Health
Hillary Clinton’s campaign is pushing back against growing claims about her health, including Donald Trump questioning her “mental and physical stamina” to be president.
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Chilling Photo of Bloodied Syrian Boy Shows Horrors of Syria
His name is Omran Daqneesh and he is just 5 years old. He was pulled from the rubble of an airstrike, and his picture is reminding the world of its silence in the face of atrocities in Syria.
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Delle Donne Jumps It Up at the Rio Games For Her Disabled Sister
There are new faces at the Olympic games, including Elena Delle Donne, a big name from the WNBA, playing for someone close to her heart back home.
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Rio’s Troubled Waters: Tracing the Trail of Pollution Into Guanabara Bay
Despite cleanup promises, trash continues to lurk in Rio de Janeiro’s waters. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk traces the Carioca River to help explain how Guanabara Bay got so polluted.
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