Crime, Crime, Crime and Albuquerque Police Are Understaffed, Where is City Hall Support?


An Albuquerque Policeman stopped to talk to me yesterday about our neighborhood, at that time they were fifty 911 calls behind! Where is the support for our Police Officers from City Hall? About 2 weeks ago an Officer told me the average response now is 3 hours depending the type of 911 call. APD is so understaffed it’s a tragedy in our city.
I pray for our Officers and residents! This is not fair treatment of our Officers, residents and visitors.

One officer told me that when he got on the force 10 years ago they helped prevent crime, now not much of a chance.

Albuquerque has become a very violent city and where is the support from City Hall?

I do not beleive it is fair to our Officers and their families to have them patrol by themselves. There is no longer a routine traffic stop, they need to have two officers in the patrol cars now.

Raise my taxes in a special Police fund for that one!

I am praying for common sense to return to City Hall, in Jesus name, Amen!

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