Awaken, Awaken, Are You Awake? Angel’s Prayer of The Day


Awaken, Awaken, Are You Awake?

This morning I really felt impressed to re-post this prayer from January 2016. Wherever I turned this morning in my Bible, I just kept seeing and hearing those two words. Awaken, Awaken…Christians are you awake?

Step, Leap, Jump and Take Off…2016

Today, let’s declare this is the year for explosion of the gospel of Jesus Christ to go all across this globe. We declare through every means possible, invented now or will be invented this year, creative ways for the gospel to be shared. Time is short and the harvest is ripe.

Today we declare that the airwaves will be full of hope, faith, new beginnings and the Word of the Lord. People will have encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. We declare that visions and dreams will be fulfilled in 2016.

Awaken, oh ye people, awaken and step into the destiny God has called you. It is no time for anyone to neither be slack nor slumber for time is short and the need is great.

We declare open doors for God’s people in positions of government. We declare the Gospel Message will spread like wildfire all across this nation and to the nation(s). To the whole world, seven continents, the Light of Christ is coming; it is already on its way.

Every morning is a new day and the spirit of the Lord is drawing you to Himself. If you already walk with Him, press in and walk closer. If you don’t know Him, today is your day. He is no respecter of persons and He has no favorites. You are the apple of His eye. (Psalm 17:8)

We declare we will take off in ministry. If we are not quite ready, we will support those that are. We will press in until we are ready and taking off. It’s time to enlarge the territory. Together we will expand the Kingdom of God.

All across this globe today, we declare it is our year. It is our year for takeoff. We give God all the glory, for great things He is doing, going to do and will continue to do. He is Lord.

Today, we thank Him for showing His glory all across this land. Amen


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