Why Are We Claiming Times Of Weakness?


Welcome to another edition of the classroom of God! Amen! Why are you not relying on God’s power in your life? What are you claiming times of weakness? I see weakness all over the land it’s
like people have forgotten God and His power and His promises! His power has given us EVERYTHING we need for a Godly life!!! Look around America, people do not know God! They are relying on their own flesh! I call that EGO! Edging God Out! Let us dive into II Peter 1:3-4. We often make excuses for ourselves saying, “I need more training Pastor Dewey…..I need to read a few more books, Dewey HUBad 970X90Pastor Dewey……..I need some more training….I need more experience…..THEN I can live a better life and serve Him more faithfully!”

HOGWASH! That is a lie of the devil!

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