Southern Baptist Leader Hopes Trump Repents of Sin

Russell Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, has said he hopes Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will “repent of sin.”
As previously reported, Moore has a history of criticizing Trump, and throughout the 2016 election process has taken to Twitter to speak out agaisnt the presumptive Republican nominee.
In a recent interview with CBN News, Moore said he hopes that Trump will turn to Christ and “repent of sin,” and that this change of heart will cause a shift in some of Trump’s policies.
My “primary prayer for Donald Trump is that he would first of all repent of sin and come to faith in Jesus Christ,” said Moore, according to

This post is from Pastor Alan Hawkins of New Life City in Albuquerque:

I am a conservative and support true conservative values. I believe in personal responsibility as the foundation for a healthy country. I do not like the direction of our nation on many levels. We are cascading toward outcomes and internal strife that is horrifying.

I grieve the polarizing effects of a nation divided over public policy to the point of complete intolerance. However, I cannot support the incivility of the rhetoric from candidate Trump. Join me in calling for reasoned positions to take precedence over bellicose ranting.

I call upon the people of faith. You value giving honor and speaking words of life. To ignore angry provocative demeaning language from a candidate you support is to deny the very life you desire to promote. We are not that kind of people and we should insist on better from a candidate for the highest office in our nation. Demand more than a voice for our own suppressed anger and frustration. Conscience will not allow me to remain silent.

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