Defiant Trump is Refusing to Backtrack Over Racially Charged Remarks

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GOP aghast as Trump doubles down

A defiant Donald Trump is refusing to backtrack over racially charged remarks he made last week, and the controversy has opened up a major divide between the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and senior GOP leaders.

The damage to Trump’s presidential bid escalated on Monday as a growing number of Republicans sought distance from him.

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This post is from Pastor Alan Hawkins of New Life City in Albuquerque:

I am a conservative and support true conservative values. I believe in personal responsibility as the foundation for a healthy country. I do not like the direction of our nation on many levels. We are cascading toward outcomes and internal strife that is horrifying.

I grieve the polarizing effects of a nation divided over public policy to the point of complete intolerance. However, I cannot support the incivility of the rhetoric from candidate Trump. Join me in calling for reasoned positions to take precedence over bellicose ranting.

I call upon the people of faith. You value giving honor and speaking words of life. To ignore angry provocative demeaning language from a candidate you support is to deny the very life you desire to promote. We are not that kind of people and we should insist on better from a candidate for the highest office in our nation. Demand more than a voice for our own suppressed anger and frustration. Conscience will not allow me to remain silent.

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