After Poor Concealed Carry Ruling, The 9th Circuit Court Should be Dissolved and Judges Impeached


I often make a statement that tends to make godless liberals nearly faint from the shock of its heresy; judges who make poor decisions or rulings should be impeached but here is a greater heresy; the 9th circuit court of appeals should be dissolved and if need be, set up a new court to oversee the west coast in Utah not San Francisco.

I say this because the 9th circuit has been consistent in its opposition to the United States constitution and the liberties it guarantees.

Take this week’s ruling that Californians do not have a right to carry a concealed weapon and that even though there is provision in the law for concealed carry, self defense is not a valid reason to obtain one.

These judges should not be allowed another day on the bench. The congress should immediately hold hearings of impeachment for each and every judge that voted in favor of this ruling and the judge that wrote the opinion should be forever barred from holding any American office or even practicing law.

The bible teaches that unjust judges are a result of an unjust people and the reason such bad decisions come out of the 9th circuit is because it is based in San Francisco, California. This city has lost its way and so have the leaders that come from there or move to there.

This week, San Francisco leaders were hoping to attract more illegal aliens to vote because Donald Trump is a racist and therefore non citizens should decide who our leaders should be.

The 9th circuit court has made the wrong call on same sex marriage and a host of other issues that have emboldened other courts to follow suit.

The bible teaches that removing evil is a necessary part of any legitimate government and we often forget that the court is not the final authority but a co-equal branch of government.

In the early days under our current constitution, the Supreme Court was purposefully not given its own building but allowed to meet in a spare room of the capital building and the only met 6 weeks out of the year and their rulings were sparse.

But starting in the early 30’s as a result of appointments made by Woodrow Wilson, a very anti constitutional president, the court increased its case load and the amount of time it met to 6 months out of the year, this gave the courts unprecedented power.

According to the Federalist Papers co-written by the first chief justice of the Supreme Court John Jay, the court was intended to be the weakest of the three branches because of the unelected nature of its members, but congress, governors and the president have allowed them great power and authority which will in turn lead to despotism in the office of the president as congress loses its teeth.

We do need judges, but we do not need them to act outside of the law to promote the agenda of anti-Christ. Their role is to judge if someone has broken the law or judge if a new law is consistent with the plain reading of the constitution of the states or the nation, not take away our God given liberty.

So, again I say if a judge rules outside their scope of office they should be removed from that office and until San Francisco and the rest of California can get their head on straight, pun intended, they have no business hosting the court of appeals and believe it or not, congress can remedy such things but they won’t because most of those lawmakers don’t have the spine it takes to sit in a chair.

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