Nita Killebrew: “Harmon Taught Me Much Even As He Passed Onto Heaven”


Pictured at the very top is Nita Killebrew speaking at the Memorial Service for Harmon at Target Field 5 years ago.

Our Newsmaker of the week here on FGGAM and The HUB of New Mexico is Nita Killebrew, the wife of Harmon Killebrew, Baseball Hall of Famer. I have been blessed to get to know Nita since Harmon passed away 5 years ago this month at age 74 of esophageal cancer. Nita and Harmon had a deep Godly love for each other. Harmon is my all time hero! I was blessed to meet him several times and interview him on radio twice. Such a Godly man. Sit back now and listen at all the wonderful stories Nita shares with us about Harmon’s childhood days and up until the very touching moment he passed onto heaven! Please now listen to my interview with Nita Killebrew.Newsmaker

Here is a post I did this week on the anniversary of Harmon’s passing……

Dewey and HarmonToday I had the blessing of talking to Mrs Nita Killebrew, Harmon’s wife. What a wonderful Godly woman. It is hard to believe that Harmon passed onto glory on this date in 2011. It seems like yesterday to me. God Blessed me by having me interview Harmon twice on radio (Me and Harmon pictured above at a baseball card show in Elkhart, Indiana, 1996? When I was consulting WFRN Radio) and appearing live on the Sports Animal radio station in Albuquerque, NM in 1998? When I was Manager) and meeting him several times. God has blessed me again by getting to know his lovely wife, Nita. God has been so very good to me. God Bless the memory of Harmon and God Bless Nita.

I am here to tell you that God will give a man and women the desires of their heart if it is in line with His Will. If it it is to glorying His Kingdom, I am a witness to this glorification.

Harmon got the nickname ‘Killer” for the way he killed the baseball……towering homeruns! But he was a gentle giant. A man of God, a role model for thousands.

Others called him “Harmless Harm” out of respect, except when it came to playing baseball!

I grieve for the baseball fans that never got to see Harmon play or the way he represented the game and the state of Minnesota.Dewey and Killer Harmon Killebrew

ggHarmon Clayton Killebrew

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