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Very top picture is Pastor Dewey preaching at the First Baptist Church in Reserve, the day of Glenn Kellogg’s funeral. The other picture is from Crestview Baptist Church in Albuquerque.

Let us enter the classroom of God today……Acts 4 tells us….All of the believers were filled with the Spirit! All of the believers prayed together and spoke the Word of God boldly! All the believers shared their possessions with those in need! Al,l of the believers experienced the incredible power of God in their lives! When ALL of the believers come together, whether a large group or small, they are called THE CHURCH! Jesus refers to the Church as “His Bride” For His bride, He has plans and purposes! He has a vision! His vision for His bride is that she would be “Smokin’ Hot!” Where is the FIRE?????

Let us see where the Holy Spirit takes us on Thursday as we continue this sermon series in the classroom of God.

Please read all of Genesis 22.

Have you seen the movie “WAR ROOM”??? Have you read the book “The Battle Plan for Prayer”??? Dewey preaching at GlennsDewey HUBad 970X90

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