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Noon-Day-2I was moved by God to ask Danny Whatley, Director of The Rock at Noonday to write a post for us today. I told him that God told me to ask him, what God was showing him this day! Here you go…………Thank you Danny! You are a man I greatly respect. I am so thankful that the late Marvin Capehart introduced us at KKIM radio! Danny is also a former U.S. Marshall, but once a Marshall, always a Marshall! Amen!

Here is Danny’s post:

My wife and I had the privilege of traveling to San Antonio this week for the specific purpose of visiting the Haven For Hope homeless ministry.  This ministry is a prime example of how God’s people can show the Compassion of Christ and literally become the hands and feet of Christ. As the Director of the largest homeless day shelter in the State of New Mexico, I have the privilege of seeing God working in and through His people, the Church everyday. As I experience the craziness of our world, I also see why God is allowing our world to continue to crumble morally, His Word is clear, He has a purpose, a plan for His people.  I was reading this morning in the Book of Joshua, chapter 17.  These chapters describe the dividing of the land when the Children of Israel were able to finally come into God’s promised land. If you are not careful you will skip right over a very important verse in chapter 17, verse 13.  Remember, that God had provided the strength and the power to overcome the occupying people’s and victory was given to God’s chosen people. Verse 13 describes the first slipping away of God’s people, “However, when the Israelites grew stronger, they subjected the Canaanites to forced labor and did not drive them out completely.”
While their leader Joshua continued to encourage them to drive out the Canaanites, they failed to do so. The people took the easy way out and developed an attitude of compromise. The Church in our world has done and is doing the same thing, we are allowing and giving sin a foothold not only in our world, but in the Church itself.  I said earlier that I see why God has allowed our world to slide so far away from the moral compass of God’s Word and I believe the reason is that God wants to revive, renew the Church. He does that beginning with individual lives, your life and mine.  He does that by cleaning up our lives, setting our feet back on His path, His way. We are very concerned right now in who will sit in the White House for the next four years, while that is important, the greater importance is who will sit on the throne of your life.  We need to, the Church needs to individually and collectively return to God, to be about His business. Living the Gospel regardless, claiming the victory and living a life separated for and through God. He has promised us the victory, we have to drive the sin out of our lives and quit compromising our faith so we can get along with the Canaanites of our world. May God renew me, renew you today, and while our nation may continue to slide into oblivion, the Church, God’s people, will stand and be victorious.

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