Prayer Needs and Praise Notes! Update on Cowboy Clarence!


Dear FGGAM Family,

Thank you all who have been praying for Cowboy Clarence Montoya……….here is an update from his lovely sister Juliet:

Cowboy is doing good. The bleeding stopped, he was able to eat today (Monday) and is looking better. They were discussing surgery for his acid reflux, but they’re keeping that as a last resort. They’re sending him home tomorrow(Today)with medications to help with his acid reflux and to heal his ulcer and esophagitis. He had 2 blood transfusions yesterday and his color is back and he’s looking much better today. Thank you all for the support! Yesterday was rough

PRAISE GOD!!!! Paul Templeton from the First Baptist Church even called this morning to check in on the Cowboy! Thanks to the entire FGGAM family for your prayers!

We also have a prayer need for Felix in Quemado, NM, he is set to undergo surgery this morning, please keep him in your prayers.

Please pray for Eldon in Lubbock, Texas……please pray for healing of his back, the disc compression be healed as that will relieve the inflammation and sciatica.

We also have a prayer need for Ricky of Albuquerque. He is having health issues and marital problems. We pray for family and friends to gather around Ricky and lift him up to the Lord!

We also pray for Jerry’s dog….Jerry of Quemado is taking his doggy in for surgery this morning.

LORD, we come to you and thank you for the healing taking place in Cowboy Clarence, Felix, Eldon, Ricky and Jerry’s doggy! Thank YOU LORD for your tremendous gifts! Thank YOU LORD for our family of friends! in Jesus name, Amen!

We love our LORD!!!!!!!!!! We love ourdewey cup family here at FGGAM! power-of-prayer

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