NM Lt. Gov. Sanchez Speaks Out On The Congressional Investigation of UNM Health Sciences Center


John S.New Mexico Lt. Governor John Sanchez made the following statement on his Facebook page today:

Recent news of a Congressional investigation into the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center’s (UNMHSC) relationship with Southwestern Women’s Options Clinic and Dr. Curtis Boyd is troubling and alarming. The investigation has apparently revealed that the University, through this relationship, is participating in the harvesting and testing of infant body parts.

I have been clear about my opposition to the harvesting of infant organs by Planned Parenthood and am even more appalled to learn that it could occur right here in conjunction with the University of New Mexico. The practice is both barbaric and unethical, and I certainly expect better from UNMHSC and its leaders.

I have also been clear that I am unapologetically pro-life; however, this issue is not about abortion – it is about whether our flagship university should be participating in such unconscionable acts.

Further, if recent allegations are true, and taxpayers are funding malpractice insurance premiums for Dr. Boyd to perform these actions, I call on University leadership to immediately terminate his coverage and sever any and all ties with him and his clinic.

I believe we can all agree that our flagship university, which so many sons and daughters of New Mexico proudly call their alma mater, should not be engaging in the harvesting and experimentation of infant body parts.

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