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WOW! AWESOME! What a great time we had in our Lord at the Revival in Belen! The Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way! It was great to meet old and new friends! LOVE OF JESUS WAS SHOWN TO ALL!!! Please now turn your Bible to 1 John 3….Dewey Services This week I will be sharing with you the love of Jesus, well, I do try to show that to you all everyday! But this week we focus in on loving one another. Many folks are on an emotional roller coaster today, having LOVE problems. Holidays, birthdays and other events can bring up so many emotions of the past. There are many different kinds of love that human beings are capable of experiencing. As Christians, it’s very important that we remind ourselves of what they are! How many of you have ever heard this this quote?………Now listen to my podcast……

Here is also my post after the Belen Revival and what God showed me………

Yesterday there was a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit in Belen, New Mexico. Many thanks to Pastor Andrew Dominicus of Holy Ghost and Fire Ministry Fellowship Church in Belen for holding this Revival at Anne Becker Park. So many people coming together for our Lord, a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit.

Ask ten people what is a Revival, and you probably get ten different answers. In 2008 Time to Revive out of Dallas, TX, headed by Kyle Martin, held a Revival at the brand new Santa Fe, NM Convention Center, it was the first event held there!

This was a turning point in my life, now as I look back years later.

Kyle and his wonderful Ministry had a tremendous effect on New Mexico. There was a tremendous change for God during this Revival and after. I was manager at KKIM Christian radio at the time. We broadcasted live the press conference where the secular press was all upset about this REVIVAL! The Mayor backed out of the Revival, saying there was HATE being preached! There was no hate being preached, hundreds came all week long to the Revival, I had not seen anything like it in New Mexico. At the press conference I interviewed at least 8 Pastors that stood with Kyle and Time to Revive. The secular press that came armed for “war” retreated with the love and respect that was shown to them.

This revival changed the atmosphere in New Mexico…The Holy Spirit moved across New Mexico, more people got involved in government, in what was going on at the State Legislature, unGodly legislation was stopped by the people of God! It was an AWAKENING in New Mexico! Christians became more involved in our government, not for themselves, but for God and His ways.

Time to Revive helped REVIVE the people of New Mexico for God. It was a wake up call from God.

Hearts were changed for Jesus.

During the Revival, I told Kyle that God had moved me to start a radio program for him on KKIM. Kyle started and went on to be one of our most listened to programs ever!

I also met two other gentleman thorough Time to Revive that impacted my life so powerfully, John Lay, who now owns and operates Dignity Hospice in Dallas and Houston, John also serves as an adviser to FGGAM. The other person I met that really impacted my life was Mark Doering of Dallas.

I also then became a Board Member of Time to Revive, I served for about 4 years. I learned a lot about Ministry through Time to Revive, which does Revivals all over the world now. I call Kyle, a young Billy Graham I traveled with Time to Revive to Asheville, N.C. several years ago, I broadcasted live from there on KKIM. I also was part of the team that went out and reached into the community to minister to folks, to go where the people are.

So many Wiccen witches live in Asheville, right in Billy Graham’s back yard there. I was told that more Wiccen witches live in Asheville than any other place in the United States.

Hearts were changed for Jesus in Asheville.

I will never forget the sermon that John Lay preached one night in Asheville, WOW! POWERFUL!

I learned from the best on how to change the atmosphere for God. Seek God’s face, pray, fast, pray for a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit, not your movement, but a movement of the Holy Spirit, pray for lives to be changed.

To many hold “High School Pep Rallies” and they do nothing but that, a pep rally, that fizzles soon afterwards.

A Revival changes hearts for God.

We must come to a place where we, this includes Pastors and Church leaders, where we renounce our self-focused approach to life and turn the attention and control over to God. When this happens, God orients us to Himself and to the purposes He is accomplishing around us. We must have a God-centered outlook. Dewey Preaching in Belen

When I served as Pastor Jim Montoya’s Associate Pastor in Los Lunas, NM at the Open Door Church of God, we held about a half dozen revivals, some at the Church and others at city parks.

One of the first things I did when God called me out of KIKIM radio and to form FGGAM for HIM, was to travel to Efland, N.C. to take part in Hope in Today’s Revival. Sister Karen Rowe is founder of Hope in Today,  I met Karen while I was with KKIM, she had a program on KKIM, Karen asked me to come and preach! WOW! WEE! POWERFUL MOVEMENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! The atmosphere was changed in the Efland area and never has been the same! Hearts were moved so much in that community! Karen is a powerful women of God, her husband is a powerhouse for God! Blessed to have Karen as a writer here at FGGAM!

The Revival that FGGAM held in Reserve, NM in August of 2015 was powerful. It was held at the First Baptist Church and it involved the entire community! Pastors of different denominations spoke, healing’s took place, baptisims took place…….all for God, hearts were changed for our Lord Jesus Christ. Fruit is still coming forth from that Revival. You can see the fruit.

Yesterday I was blessed to Preach for Jesus at the Belen, NM Revival hosted by Pastor Andrew Dominicus of Holy Ghost and Fire Ministry Fellowship Church in Belen. There was a POWERFUL MOVEMENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT over Belen yesterday! Young and old came to hear many Pastors preach the good news of Jesus Christ and there was music with a message. The atmosphere was changed for Jesus over the Belen area! Hearts were changed, just like Pastor Jim Montoya would do, Pastor Andrew was prepared to baptize people right there in the city park! PTL! for BOLD MEN! The horse trough was filled with water! Amen!

There are plans for Revivals in Quemado, NM and Grants, NM this summer. I have been asked to preach in Grants. Please pray for these Revival’s hosted by the Baptist Church.

FGGAM is planning to hold a Revival in Windom, Minnesota this August. The dates are the 26th and 27th. This Revival is very special to me. I do not have the words to express this movement of God. I have been praying for this since 2009, when I became a Pastor. I prayed over the Revival in Reserve for almost 2 years! Everything of and by God starts with prayer! Windom  is my hometown. It is where my Christian foundation was built. It is where I had many people, from School teachers, Sunday School teachers, Community leaders, my family raise me up in the ways of God! Amen! This Revival is meant to pay back Windom for what it has done for me! My friend Rodney Byam in Windom is heading up a group of Friends who are leading the charge for God is getting this all set up!

God is moving powerfully for the “For God’s Glory Alone Windom Revival”, so far, joining me are Pastor Bobby Elness out of North Carolina, a graduate of Windom High School, Bobby lived right across the street from me on 11th Ave! Franz Boelter an awesome man of God, who graduated with Bobby will also be speaking. Franz is a member of the Minnesota Coaches Hall-of Fame. Franz just lived up the street from us on River Road. My Dear friend Paul Dokken who graduated a year ahead of me will also be speaking. Paul and I became Friends when we served together as football student managers for Coach Ron Meyer. Paul preaches at a Boys Ranch near Sioux Falls, S.D. Paul is a pilot for Delta.

Revival does not start with us, it starts with the Will of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit in the people that are leading the way, it has to be of God. Nothing Godly happens unless God is leading the way.

Revival is planting seeds for God and then fertilizing them on a regular basis. Helping raise them up in God.

I do not ask for much folks, but would you please pray for God’s Will for the Windom Revival and pray for funding? A reminder that FGGAM is a 501c3 non-profit. Please help us continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ all over the world! FGGAM.ORG reaches nearly a half million folks over the world every month, including countries like Israel, Russia, with news and inspiration and my sermon podcasts, we give all GLORY TO GOD! We not only preach the good news in New Mexico, but all over the world!

Sharon my wife, and I thank you all for your love. Without Sharon,Dewey and Sharon in Oct this ministry would not happen, she works full-time to help fund this ministry.

We love you all! Thank you for anything you can do to support this movement of God.

John Belew of Santa Fe, NM a FGGAM supporter: “Dewey, you are everywhere!” We are out and about for our Lord Jesus Christ, doing the workDewey life verseHe assigned us to do. Love you John and Melba!

If you are interested in having FGGAM come to your area for a Revival, please just send me a note! PTL!

Here is one of the best posts I have ever read on REVIVAL! It was written by Pastor Bill Ruhl who serves as Vice-Chairman of FGGAM.

I asked Pastor Bill Ruhl of Global Destiny Ministries and Vice-Chairman of FGGAM to set the stage for Revival in in Reserve, New Mexico August 14, 15, and 16.  Revival 2015


Revival is not a church event, but a lifestyle for believers. It is not something you do, but something you become. Revival is the life giving Spirit breath being breathed into you. Those that were asleep awaken and those that were dead in their trespasses receive resurrection life. Revival happens when those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying, respond to the Savior’s voice, and “Come Forth”!

Revival is about pursuing God’s presence daily, at every occasion, in every circumstance, so much so that the atmosphere shifts and the culture around you changes. We don’t pursue revival for the Church, God pursues the Church to participate with Him in revival for their community. When revival comes the Church is awakened from its slumber and that activity in turn causes the community around it to arise from the dead.

My favorite scripture for this revival understanding is:      Eph 5:14 – “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.” (NKJV) Awaken church, come alive you who are dead in your understanding, and the Light of Jesus Christ shall shine upon you, illuminate the Truth, and give you Light! Wow…What an amazing revelation from the Word!

Revival is activity within the Church and the culture. If you don’t have both you don’t have revival. And revival is only sustained for as long as people’s hearts are pressed into what God is doing and not offended by what He is doing during this appointed time. Blackaby, in his instructional teaching “Experiencing God”, said if you want to be a part of the move of God, find out where he is working and join Him there.” Notice we join God in what He is doing, we don’t direct God to what we think should be done. Revival is necessarily God inspired, Spirit driven, and Jesus focused; We look to see and listen to hear what the Father is doing, not to take control, but to join Him as obedient participants.


Revival is not a return to the old, but participation in the birthing of a new thing. Paul said in Phil 3:13-14… “This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind (the old things that lulled us to sleep) and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward (I am awakened to) the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (NKJV – italic portion mine) We are called to press on to that which is now at hand, the fresh move of God.

Revival is a time of the Church growing stronger in the revelation and illumination of the Word. It is a time of Kingdom growth by many salvations. And it is a time of overall spiritual growth in a region by a greater awareness of God’s manifested presence that openly affects both the Church and the surrounding culture.

God is always in revival mode and in a revival mood. His call is for us to “Come forth!” and join Him in what He is doing today!

Pastor Bill Ruhl – Global Destiny Ministry – Vice Chair FGGAM

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