Israel on High Alert for Terrorism Ahead of Passover




Israel on High Alert for Terrorism Ahead of Passover

Israeli security forces broke up two attempted terrorist attacks Thursday, arresting two Arab teenagers carrying knives in Jerusalem’s Old City and minutes later an Arab man who ran at Israeli soldiers near a village south of Jerusalem with a hatchet in his hand was shot dead. The attacks came on the same day as Prime Minister Netanyahu repeated warnings about a likely uptick in attacks as the Passover holiday draws nearer.

Soldier in Hebron Shooting Incident to be Charged with Manslaughter

The IDF military prosecutor confirmed on Thursday that the soldier who was filmed shooting an unarmed and apparently subdued terrorist in Hebron on 24 March will be charged with manslaughter. Various other legal procedures must run their course before a trial can be scheduled.

Motorola CEO Announces Massive New Investments in Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Motorola Solutions Chairman and CEO Greg Brown in Jerusalem on Thursday. Brown was in Israel to announce the launch of a new innovation center to promote research into new technologies, saying it was an example of his company’s continued strategic commitment to the Jewish State.

Deri Expected to be Questioned Next Week

The investigation into corruption allegations against Interior Minister Arye Deri (Shas) continued this week as his brother, attorney Shlomo Deri, was questioned by police under caution for three straight days, even as his home and office were searched by authorities. Deri himself is expected to be questioned next week.

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