Cafeteria Christianity


Having a life centered on the cross means that we LOVE THE CROSS because of the message it bears! We want people to know the message! Many people in America now consider the message of the cross pure foolishness. God and America are on a collision course. God will win of course. Where do you stand? The cross certainly means salvation but it also means suffering. How dare we expect that God would shield us from all suffering in life just because we belong to Him. How dare we expect that our lives would be painless after what HE WENT THROUGH for us! Yet, we find ourselves complaining and whining because of our temporary earthy struggles. I beleive that one of the greatest problems of our day is what I call “CAFETERIA CHRISTIANITY”….people like to pick and choose what they like and don’t like about God and His Word. Please listen to my podcast, God Bless you and yours!Dewey HUBad 970X90dewey cup
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