We are praying every morning in our war room here at FGGAM for the end of violent crime in New Mexico. I weep and mourn at the horrendous violence in the City of Albuquerque. When I preach in rural New Mexico, many tell me they will not travel to Albuquerque anymore because of all the killings and violence they see on the TV news. You cannot put a “Chamber of Commerce smile” on this and try to hide the facts! We also have a friend Franchesca Stevens who has had her car stolen three times in seven months, the thugs are ragging against her! When her car was stolen the last time the thieves used a tow truck, drove into her driveway and took the car! If your car is stolen in Albuquerque, you may have to phone it in! Police are so busy they cannot answer all the calls! We know of one neighborhood association that has had nearly 30 cars stolen from over time. Thanks Mayor Berry for your dispute with APD years ago, and costing us, hurting the citizens of this city greatly! APD is dangerously understaffed! My Police friends say Albuquerque is unsafe!  Berry and the City Council have ran the Police Department on the cheap! Shame on you and the City Council, a disgrace! It seems they would like another Bosque path or zoo animal, rather than more Police and better pay for our brave Officers!

Mike Gallagher of the Albuquerque Journal wrote this excellent article, Auto, home burglaries in New Mexico provide a steady supply of weapons to black market: ABQ Journal Story Here

 Don’t get me started on the fact that Albuquerque kills babies, it is the Abortion capital…a cloud of death is over the City.

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