Lt. Gov. John Sanchez Official Statement Regarding UNM Regents Takeover of UNMHSC – Is He REALLY Pro-Life or Just Another Susana?


Church programsBy: Laura Rosecrans

UnknownThe HUB of New Mexico was saddened and OUTRAGED to see Lt. Governor John A. Sanchez “OFFICIAL” response to the UNM Regents Takeover of the University of New Mexico Health Science Center. You can read his official statement at the end of this post…

It has to come to our attention that the Lt. Governor is NEVER present at ANY Pro-Life events…except the Right to Life Banquet. He has never attended the Walk for Life in Santa Fe or any other events that deal with life. The excuse we keep getting is that he has to fall under the Governor’s steps and not usurp her in this issue…REALLY???

We had hoped that MAYBE Lt. Governor Sanchez would turn out to be different than Susana Martinez but after reading this letter we  are realizing with saddened hearts that perhaps he is just another Republican that is going to do what so many have done over and over again…talk the talk to get elected and than let us down again.

Lt. Governor Sanchez expresses “DISAPPOINTMENT” with the Regents decision to take control back from Paul Roth, who by the way, took over UNMHSC in an underhanded manner and has been in an unholy alliance with late term abortionist Curtis Boyd owner of Southwestern Women’s Options. As a result UNM Health Science Center is now under investigation for illegal activity with Boyd in harvesting baby body parts from possible live birth abortions being performed at Southwestern Women’s options.

Thank you to New Mexico Alliance for Life for their continued investigation into this.

And now…instead of being OUTRAGED by what is going on in this situation involving UNMHSC & Curtis Boyd, Lt. Governor Sanchez instead is “disappointed” that the Regents actually acted to get control back of UNMHSC?

Your state, Lt. Governor, is the LATE TERM ABORTION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD and the Regents move is what disappoints you? What’s next Lt. Governor – Beer and Pizza? 

Is it any wonder that Franklin Graham said at the Decision America Tour that he has given up on the Republicans and the Democrats and only has faith in GOD!

The only hope we have for New Mexico is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Also read this: The Albuquerque Journal and writer Colleen Heild do a great job in today’s front page article on the Abortion problem in New Mexico: New Mexico is a Wild West haven for abortions. More and more women from other states come to New Mexico for abortions. ABQ JOURNAL STORY HERE


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