Monday, March 21, 2016

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Big Day In D.C.

It’s a big day in the nation’s capital. Donald Trump is reaching out to congressional Republicans and other party insiders today. The GOP front-runner is hosting a private meeting at a law firm near Capitol Hill. Senators Jeff Sessions and Tom Cotton are expected to attend.

Later on, he will deliver a serious, policy-oriented speech before 18,000 attendees at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, where I am today. Unlike his previous speeches, Trump will reportedly deliver his remarks from a prepared text rather than his usual “stream of consciousness.”

Hillary Clinton addressed the AIPAC conference this morning. Ted Cruz and John Kasich will speak later this afternoon.

The Intolerant Left

Radical left-wing protestors attempted to shut down a Donald Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona, this weekend by shutting down a highway leading to the event. The rally was delayed an hour while local law enforcement worked to remove the blockade. At least three protestors were arrested.

Once again, the intolerance of the radical left was on full display. Candidates for public office have a First Amendment right to speak. Their supporters have a First Amendment right to hear and see them. But the left is trying to deny them their rights.

The protestors have a right to demonstrate. But there is no First Amendment right to shut down roads and create traffic jams. The left is trying to shut down speech it doesn’t like by demonizing candidates it doesn’t like.

It is following Saul Alinsky’s playbook, “Rules for Radicals.” A favorite Alinsky rule of the left involves making candidates appear extreme, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Like Iran’s theocratic mullahs or the Soviet Union’s Politburo, the left wants to decide which candidates are acceptable, which issues are acceptable and which speech is acceptable.

By attempting to silence candidates and shut down rallies, the left is showing just how intolerant and anti-democratic it really is. It doesn’t trust the American people to make wise decisions for themselves. That’s typical of big government liberals.

Obama Snubbed Again

Barack Obama landed in Havana, Cuba, yesterday, becoming the first American president to visit the island nation in nearly 90 years. You’d think his outreach and historic visit would have the regime bending over backwards to welcome him. Not exactly.

When Obama walked off Air Force One and onto the tarmac at Jose Marti International Airport, Cuban President Raul Castro was not there to greet him, even though the communist thug routinely greets foreign dignitaries at the airport.

Think about Obama’s foreign policy for a moment. What has it accomplished?

Did the Obama “reset” with Russia result in a more peaceful, cooperative Vladimir Putin? Not at all. Putin occupied Ukraine and sent Russian military forces into Syria.

Did the Obama outreach to Iran result in the Islamic Republic renouncing terrorism or recognizing the right of Israel to exist? Nope. We got a terrible nuclear deal, a ban on U.S. products and continued animosity from the ayatollah.

Did Obama’s secret overtures to North Korea result in the Stalinist regime becoming less repressive? Hardly. Kim Jong Un tested more nuclear weapons and seized another American hostage.

And when it comes to relaxing relations with Cuba, Obama can’t even get Castro to meet him at the airport. Instead, Barack Obama went to meet the communist dictator at his presidential palace. It was disgusting to see the president of the United States posing in front of a huge sculpture of Che Guevara, a terrorist and mass murderer.

At a joint press conference today, Raul Castro launched into tirade against America and demanded Obama return the “illegally occupied” territory of Guantanamo Bay. Meanwhile, there has been no change in the regime’s behavior, as it cracks down on dissidents and pro-democracy activists.

Obama has gone out of his way to make huge concessions to Cuba, Russia, North Korea and Iran. It is hard to see how we are any better off for it.

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