Abortion, Baby Parts, Eyeballs, Fetal Tissue at UNM



This stinks to high heaven! Why are not more people in New Mexico outraged about what is going on with baby parts, eyeballs, fetal tissue and abortion at the University of New Mexico? That is a question I put to our guest this week on The HUB of New Mexico/FGGAM Newsmaker of the week program, Elisa Martinez of New Mexico Alliance for Life. There is a very important meeting this Tuesday on this issue, please listen now to our podcast. This may be the most important radio interview I have dome in my nearly 40 years in radio!


Please also read this:

“These are serious matters involving human lives, harvesting of organs and potential violations of the law, and the public has a right to know what is taking place,” Sade Patterson on UNMHSC evading public inspection laws and the Congressional panel’s inquiries into their harvesting of aborted baby organs and body parts. Patterson said that it was not up to Paul Roth, head of UNMHSC, to decide which documents should and should not be turned over.

“Many of the researchers are publicly named in the studies, so we are not buying his argument of protecting staff, since UNM has been evading questions regarding these practices before the Congressional investigation,” she said.

She said that the shroud of secrecy surrounding the University’s use of aborted baby organs and body parts is disturbing, and gives the appearance that it has something to hide. Read more here:https://www.dailylobo.com/article/2016/03/unm-hsc-subpoenad

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