Dewey,  This bill is on a very fast-track.  Please give it all the emphasis you can allow. The papers haven’t gotten this right yet.  Senator Smith testified to the whole Senate that this allows the lottery to operate “Class III gaming machines,” which is the technical description of casino slot machines.  He also said it could invalidate the compacts with every tribe in New Mexico.


Guy Clark





Senate Bill 180, the bill that would allow the lottery authority to operate Video Lottery Terminals (read Slot Machines) was passed by the whole Senate yesterday, February 12.  It has already been assigned to the House Ways and Means Committee.  This bill is moving with extraordinary speed through the legislature, and it could easily be passed by the House of Representatives before the end of the session unless the citizens of this state convince the House to stall or kill the bill.


If the lottery authority gets this bill passed, we could have thousands of video slot machines going to every neighborhood in the state at bars, convenience stores, barber shops, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.


Legalizing VLT’s would be the most massive expansion of gambling in New Mexico in decades.


Please call your State Representative as soon as possible.  You can click here to go to the page “Find your legislator by address.”  Type in your address, including City, State and ZIP code where it says “Enter address.”  Next go below to the field “Political body” and scroll to “House of Representatives.”  Click on “Search.”  That will bring up the name of your Representative and his/her picture.  Click on their name and it will bring up their website with all their contact information. Call the listed office number in Santa Fe to reach them. If you can’t open their website, call the legislative switchboard at 505-986-4300 and ask for their office.


Please contact your Representative as soon as possible.  If you call, you will most likely have to leave a message with their secretary.  Be sure to say, “Have Representative _________ vote against SB 180.  Add any other points you would like to make about VLT’s. Please by brief and courteous.


Please forward this Action Alert to all your appropriate email lists.



Dr. Guy C. Clark, chairman
Stop Predatory Gambling New Mexico

FGGAM News just got this

ABQ Journal Report: Senate Okays Lottery Bill Round Up From The Roundhouse: FGGAM received this update from the New Mexico House Republican Caucus:


Senate Committee Passes Jaydon’s Law Unanimously


Santa Fe, NM – Legislation to give judges access to the full criminal histories of violent repeat offenders passed the Senate Public Affairs Committee today.


House Bill 72, also known as “Jaydon’s Law,” is sponsored by Rep. Nate Gentry. The bill is named for Jaydon Chavez-Silver, an Albuquerque teen who was killed during a drive-by shooting while at a house party. It passed the Senate committee unanimously.


“Judges need this information to inform their pre-trial and sentencing decisions and protect our communities,” said Gentry.  “Making this change is an easy step we can take help reduce New Mexico’s violent crime rates.”


Current law prohibits judges from considering the juvenile record of an adult offender when making pre-trial release decisions.  Jaydon’s Law would change the Criminal Procedure Act to allow judges to review an adult defendant’s prior record as a youth offender.  It will also give judges access to other information, such as evidence presented during past hearings for youth offenses.


The bill would not apply to juvenile offenses committed prior to the age of 14 or to juvenile delinquent offenses.  It is targeted specifically at older juveniles found guilty of committing serious violent youth offenses such as second degree murder, aggravated battery and rape.


Nicole Chavez, the mother of Jaydon Chavez-Silver, issued the following statement after the vote by the Senate Public Affairs Committee:


“I am extremely happy that Jaydon’s Law has passed another committee. I feel hopeful that this bill will pass the Senate. This bill just makes sense, it gives judges another tool to utilize in order to make the overall decision based on an individual’s full criminal history.”

Senate Committee Passes Bill to Authorize Curfews


Santa Fe, NM – The Senate Public Affairs Committee passed “Stevie’s Law,” bipartisan legislation sponsored by Rep. Nate Gentry and Democrat Rep. Carl Trujillo to allow local governments to impose curfews on minors under the age of 16 from midnight to 5 a.m. The committee passed the bill on a 5 to 4 vote.

“Allowing kids under the age of 16 to roam around unsupervised after midnight is a recipe for disaster,” Gentry said. “Curfews can protect New Mexico residents and children from dangerous situations.  It’s not only important for community protection, but for child protection as well.”

House Bill 29 is named “Stevie’s Law” in memory of Steven Gerecke, an Albuquerque man who was shot and killed in his driveway last summer by six minors at 3 a.m. One month after that incident, a 14-year-old student, Isaiah Albright, was shot and killed around 2 a.m. at Pat Hurley Park on Albuquerque’s Westside by another minor.

Currently, law enforcement has little authority to detain children who are out during school hours or at night without reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed. This bill would allow officers to detain minors, and it would provide guidelines on how law enforcement should handle children who are caught violating a curfew. The legislation would prohibit children from being placed in secure settings for violating a curfew.

The bill will also provide a variety of exemptions for children who have reason to be out during the regulated times, such as participating in a school function, attending an event with their parent or guardian, or attending a civic or religious function. This legislation excludes emancipated youth from its provisions.

The proposal is also supported by Albuquerque Westside City Councilor Ken Sanchez.

House Unanimously Approves Bipartisan Bill Provide More Transparency in Campaign Finance


Santa Fe, NM – The House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill to improve New Mexico’s campaign finance reporting system today.  House Bill 105, sponsored by Rep. Jim Smith, would update the Secretary of State’s electronic information system to provide more transparency and accountability in New Mexico’s campaign finance reporting.  The bill passed on a vote of 65 to 0.


“The current campaign finance information system is outdated, and it needs to be upgraded,” Smith said. “Campaign finance information should be easily accessible to the public. I hope the Senate will act on this important step to improve government transparency.”


The bill would require the Secretary of State’s office to develop new hardware and software solutions to make the campaign finance information system searchable and easier for the public to find information. Updating the system would also allow the Secretary of State to monitor compliance with campaign finance reporting requirements more effectively. Legislators, candidates, lobbyists and advocacy groups would be able to provide input on the design and implementation of the new system.


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