Round Up From The Roundhouse from the New Mexico House Republican Caucus, Sunday’s report:

Jaydon’s Law Passes Second Senate Committee


Santa Fe, NM – Legislation to give judges access to the full criminal histories of violent repeat offenders is one step closer to becoming law.


House Bill 72, also known as “Jaydon’s Law,” is sponsored by Rep. Nate Gentry. The bill is named for Jaydon Chavez-Silver, an Albuquerque teen who was killed during a drive-by shooting while at a house party. It passed the Senate Judiciary Committee today on a vote of 9-1.


“Making this change will give judges a full-picture of a defendant’s prior criminal activities, and they will be able to make more informed decisions as a result,” said Gentry.  “I’m pleased the committee has passed this bill.  Now we need to the full Senate to take a vote on it and send it to Governor Martinez.”

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