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News and Views is a presentation of The HUB of New Mexico and FGGAM News. Join Dan and Laura Rosecrans and myself as we talk about the news of the day from a Biblical perspective, through a Biblical lens. Laura also challenges us all to stand in the gap against abortion. Laura tells us that 70% of abortions are performed on Christians, listen now for the details. Wake up Pastors! Wake up Church!

By: Laura Rosecrans

fear-299679__180Since my healing almost two years ago from my abortion, I have made it my mission to find out all there is to know about the Pro-Life movement in New Mexico and to get involved as much as possible. After 33 years of hiding my head in the sand due to the guilt and the shame I felt because of what I did, getting healed was the removal of the scales in my eyes.

Most of what goes on in the Pro-Life movement is beautiful. My precious husband, Dan Rosecrans, and I have met some pretty incredible people doing amazing things for LIFE. From Pregnancy Centers to Sidewalk Counselors & 40 12733633_1197111693650050_4087221784139030988_nDays for Life – to those that go to Santa Fe and deal with the ugliness there during the Round House sessions – to groups that work at the University and those that work tirelessly to inform the public and encourage involvement. And of course, my sisters that are there to bring healing to those of us who have already had abortions … there are so many amazing people who are committed to the issue of LIFE. I praise God for each and every one of these individuals. I thank God that they are out there day after day for babies and for mothers that face crisis pregnancies and for the women who are suffering from the guilt and pain of abortion and the countless babies that are murdered daily in our state.

mascarada-1239692Unfortunately, however, in such beauty there is also much ugliness. Normally I am a pretty upbeat person and I overlook the bad but sometimes it is necessary to speak. The ugliness I am talking about are things like “pro-life” groups that insist on attacking other pro-life groups because they are more concerned about themselves and their pride and insist on fighting against the other organizations instead of fighting alongside them.

Then there is the Catholic Church that tells a woman seeking healing  – being told by a priest that she cannot be absolved during an abortion recovery retreat because she is married to someone who is not “approved” by the church.  Yet the same church says nothing to radical pro-aborts like Senator Michael Sanchez who is supposedly a staunch Catholic attending Our Lady of Belen Church. Why is HE allowed to continue to be in good standing in the church when he is responsible for stopping ALL pro-life bills from being passed in the Senate. Or how about Allen Sanchez who has a position of high standing in the New Mexico 12573898_1717010901878397_8114116212000870289_nArchDiocese and St. Joseph Community Health and yet contributed in 2014 – $2,500 to Gary King running as Governor and $616.81 to John Wertheim who was running for State Treasurer as per The New Mexico Campaign Finance Information System web site. These men are both very much pro-death and pro-aborts. Allen Sanchez told the HUB of New Mexico in an interview that his new campaign “New Mexico Truth” with St. Joseph Community Health would NOT include abortion as one their “truths”.

Why  are all the supposed Catholic “law makers” who consistently stand with Michael Sanchez and continually keep saying “they are pro-life BUT”…. allowed to continue in the Catholic Church and yet the women who are seeking forgiveness for a sin committed usually due to coercion and other horrific reasons are told they cannot be forgiven?

Why are Republicans like District 22 James Smith – who by the way was able to be convincing enough claiming to be pro-life that he got New Mexico Right to Life to endorse him – are allowed to continue in office when they side with pro-abort pro-death 2030137Democrats when it comes to issues of life. Case in point Representative James Smith stood by the Democrats and shot down the recent House Memorial 101 Track Signs of Life After An Abortion that was introduced by New Mexico Alliance For Life to keep account of how many babies are born alive after an abortion. And lets not forget Catholic Republican Governor Susana Martinez and Republican Mayor Richard Berry who have done NOTHING to stand up for life also despite claiming to be pro-life candidates for no other reason but to get elected.

There are many other conflicts of interest regarding the New Mexico Catholic Church and Pro-Life issues as pointed out in a buried article by Stephanie Block, Spero columnist, in her article last year after the 2014 Rally for Life in Santa Fe, NM. You can read her article A conflict of interest? New Mexico Catholic Conference lobbyist’s self-interest.

And why do the Republicans who claim to be for life refuse to listen to their pro-life constituents and continue on adding exceptions to life bills when that is NOT what we want! If they do not have the ability to trust in God and HIS ability to pass laws that respects ALL life then we need elect officials who do.1934479_1717010238545130_5005008623728980739_n

Now don’t get me wrong – the Evangelical Churches are NO better – at least the Catholics actually show up. I have been to pretty much every event there is to attend in the Pro-Life movement and I can count on ONE hand the amount of Evangelical Pastors I have seen at these events. Case in point…the day the Walk for Life was going on in Santa Fe in January – an event that goes on EVERY year and is well known…there was a pastor’s meeting going on in Albuquerque. WHY? Why weren’t those pastors standing for life in Santa Fe. Why is the church silent when it comes to life. I was pretty much kicked out of a Calvary Chapel in Valencia County for having the nerve to speak up about the need for abortion healing in that church.

CMPgoldfinal70% of women getting abortions consider themselves to be Christian/Catholic…REALLY? The CHURCH is feeding the abortion clinics due to their silence and condemnation towards unwed pregnancies and women who have had abortions. THE CHURCH is responsible because of their refusal to deal with the issue of abortion. THE CHURCH is responsible because of their silence. I was told by a CHRISTIAN WOMAN at a conference that she refused to watch theCenter for Medical Progress videos because if she watched them she wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. WHAT? And yet this is the attitude of the majority of Church goers. I am sure many reading this post today have chosen NOT to watch the Center for Medical Progress videos exposing Planned Parenthood. And they are very happy being ignorant. Because to watch these videos would mean they might actually have to do something and God forbid that happen.

The Church – Evangelical and Catholic – ARE the world as it was during the Holocaust. I used to wonder auschwitz-birkenau-1187913__180where was everyone during the time of the Holocaust? Where was the church? Where was the world when 6 million Jews were murdered…well now I understand. Where has the church been while almost 60 million babies have been murdered in this country? Where are they now that Planned Parenthood has been exposed? Where are the pastors when pro-life functions are going on? Where are the arch bishops in getting rid of “Catholic” radical pro-aborts in the senate and in their very own offices?

12670152_1197111663650053_1371255036925567482_nAs I stood outside Planned Parenthood last week praying for the sidewalk advocates I wondered how many of the MULTITUDE of women going in there for abortions were Catholics and Evangelicals that felt they had no other choice except to kill their babies because they felt they could not go to their pastor or priest due to condemnation.

What is it going to take to wake up the church? How many more babies have to be killed during an abortion and now we are finding out even AFTER the abortion in many cases where babies are being born alive after a botched abortion and left to die or killed by abortionists at the University of New Mexico and Southwestern Women’s Options run by murderer Curtis Boyd. I bet many reading this today don’t even have a clue that a baby can be aborted at 40 WEEKS OF GESTATION in the state of New Mexico!

If you don’t have the courage to stand for life in your churches than at the VERY least get informed about usa-806576__180who is pro-life and who isn’t in the November elections in 2016 and go VOTE…vote for people who will stand for life…do not allow the blood of the babies in New Mexico to stain your hands any longer. If New Mexico cannot respect life in the womb how can it be expected to respect life outside of the womb. I hear so much complaining about the crime rate in New Mexico…child abuse, murders by drunk drivers….how can you expect anything else from a state that is equal to China and North Korea in allowing late-term abortions. Women from all over the world come to New Mexico to have abortions. We are known as the late-term abortion capital of the world…did you know that? Do you care?

blood-1244333My title of my post today is Are the Abortionists Really to Blame? I am going to say the abortionists are simply money hungry animals that are taking advantage of the fact that THE CHURCH DOES NOT CARE. I am going to even go as far as to say that the Holocaust of abortion today is the fault of THE CHURCH. And God forgive you today if you are refusing to getting involved for the cause of life because “it will keep you up at night”. Your hands are blood stained and GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED.

As for me, I chose to fight for life. I chose to continue on telling women that the ONLY one that matters for absolution for their sin of abortion is Jesus Christ ONLY. HIS death on the Cross was enough to cover the sin of abortion. There is not ANY man in ANY church that can keep forgiveness from them and God will deal with anyone who thinks they are greater than Him. I will continue on letting women know who getperson-371015__180 pregnant outside of marriage or in an abusive relationship that God loves them and their babies and the church may condemn them but God never will. I will continue with my husband to speak out about life issues on our radio stationThe HUB of New Mexico Christian Internet Radio Station and speak the truth and if you don’t like it …don’t listen.

I chose to bring to light the horror of this Holocaust that has been allowed by the sleeping church and I fearlessly will continue on saying THE CHURCH IS AT FAULT FOR ABORTION and WILL be held accountable by our God for not doing anything just as the world did nothing to stop the Nazi’s in Germany.


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