UPDATE 5:15pm:

This story really makes me upset! Enough is enough! I am weeping and mourning for Kenneth, who was beaten, but is not suffering from life threatening injuries.   KOB TV REPORTS:

A boy reported missing late Tuesday in Valencia County was found in Socorro around 2 p.m. Wednesday, according to New Mexico State Police.

New Mexico State Police issued an endangered child alert late Monday for a boy only identified as “Kenneth.”

Kenneth is in a hospitpal suffering from bruises and black eyes. KOB TV STORY HERE


UPDATE FROM LAURA ROSECRANS OF THE HUB OF NM at 1:51pm: Evony has been found!! Thank you for all your prayers everyone. We don’t know details but she was found about an hour ago! Praise God!FGGAM and The HUB of NM Prayer Alert: At this time at 8:04 news views 23am we have two missing children in New Mexico. Join us now as we give you a run down on this prayer need and I share God’s Word with you and we join together and pray over these children and other Godly matters here in New Mexico and the world we live in. We are in the war room here at FGGAM and The HUB of NM. I will be adding to this prayer list as the needs come in…..pray for Franchesca Stevens, healing from cancer, Steve Stucker, healing from auto accident……

It was suggested I update you on my medical status. The doctors ran a CAT scan, an MRI and an EEG. No bleeds, tears or damage was discovered. Great news! Basically I am dealing with the aftermath of a concussion and whiplash. While I’m very happy to be home from the hospital, I am a long way from being well just yet. Still dealing with big headaches, chills, back/neck pain, and most concerning, occasional long pauses in my thought and speech process. Often it feels as if the word or thought is on the tip of my tongue, but it takes me 10–20 seconds to grab it, and get it out. We are using the term ‘word finding’ to describe it. You don’t notice it in my posts over the past few days, because you can’t see or hear the pauses I run into somewhere in the paragraphs. With a motor – mouth like me, it sounds a little funny, but it is a big concern. The doctor thinks it will go away on its own within the next 2-4 weeks, as my brain heals and recovers. He says to expect to be tired, and that I’ll need some extra sleep, rest & exercise. Honestly, I’m not worrying about this, and am trusting God to heal me in His perfect timing. Just wanted to share this to be open, and in case I seem to be ‘a little off’! Of course, since I’m normally ‘a Lot off’, you may not notice a difference at all! Fortunately, my sense of humor was not affected. I sure do appreciate all of your prayers, love and support.

Dewey could you add my daughter Alyssa Murchison to the prayer list. She is in a lot of pain with kidney stones. Believing for this to pass. She has been battling this for days now in and out of the hospital. She just texted me again she is in a lot of pain.

Thanks Dewey…


We are praying Angel! Amen! Sister!

Please pray for Dave in Magdelena, NM, Dave has a very bad cold…..we pray in Jesus name, Amen!

We pray for three special babies that a friend is helping with……..in Jesus name, Amen!

We pray for Matt and his family need for spiritual healing, in Jesus name Amen!

Please now listen and pray over the prayer needs in this podcast. Please turn your Bible to Proverbs 1:15-31 as we go forth in this podcast.


We are in constant prayer in the FGGAM war room for the safe return of Evony, please join us in prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

From Pastor Richard Mansfield of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque:

URGENT: Please help us locate young 15 year old Evony Gonzales. She’s a member of New Beginnings Church and was with her mother at a church last night at the corner of Central and Carlisle and Evony stepped outside and never came back.

Evony was last seen in a long sleeve light blue shirt with black leggings and black high top vans. She had a kindle with her. Evony walks with her right foot turned in. If you happen to see her, please contact her mother; Monique Naranjo at (505) 414-0310


nicholas-vallejosKOB TV REPORTS: New Mexico State Police issued an endangered child alert late Monday on behalf of the Valencia County Sheriff’s Department and are looking for a man believed to be with the child. KOB TV STORY HERE We are in the FGGAM war room praying for the safe return of Kenneth, in Jesus name, Amen! Please pray with us! Thank you! prayer warrior paul

Picture is of Nicholas Vallejos

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