Why is Germany Covering Up Muslim Migrant Sexual Attacks From New Year’s Eve


The people of Germany are becoming quite upset over the cover-up being perpetrated by their government and their media as it is being revealed that a large number of sexual assaults occurred on New Year’s Eve by large groups of Muslim men.

As more women are coming forward to report being groped and/or raped by migrants organized into flash mobs, it is becoming clear that Germany does not have a handle on the 1.1 million Muslims that Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed into the country from the Middle East and North Africa in 2015.

The mayor of the German town Cologne enraged liberals and conservatives alike by suggesting that young women should keep these large groups of men at “arm’s-length” and stick to groups. She failed to realize that the groups of Muslim men were culling young women who were traveling in groups.

Many conservatives are at a loss to understand why liberals are so open to allowing these large numbers of migrants to cross into Europe and the United States. What they fail to realize is that while on the surface the ideologies of progressive liberals and Muslims seem diametrically opposed they do, in fact, share the same source, namely the devil himself.

Neither the progressive liberal or the Muslim respect women and yet both claim to do exactly that. Liberals claim to champion the rights of women and yet they encourage sexual depravity that ultimately victimizes women. The progressive liberal champions the right of a woman to dress immodestly.

Strangely enough this becomes the impetus that draws Muslim men to commit sexual assault. What the progressive elites fail to realize or recognize is that the Quran allows the Muslim man to sexually assault non-Muslim women more openly than Muslim women.

What progressive leaders like Angela Merkel and Barack Obama will not admit is that their policies on immigration are meant to assimilate the non-Muslim world, which is a core teaching of Islam. That is why the vast majority of the millions of migrants that are flooding Western nations are men.

This is consistent with what the Bible teaches in the book of Daniel about the antichrist and his people. We are told that they worship a god of war and do not care for the desire of women.

While some erroneously teach that this means the antichrist is gay it is more accurate to teach that the Antichrist and his followers ignore a woman’s desire for the type of marriage that God intended us to have in favor of a dominant misogynistic relationship.

Immigration in and of itself is neither good or bad but bringing in large numbers of people who hold to a different worldview with the intent of bringing the native people under their dominion without full disclosure is a recipe for disaster.

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