This is a worthwhile read from Christian Worldview Journal (The Colson Center), passed on to me today from our friend Steve Bockemeier. It may help explain why most of our churches are struggling. God bless.

Christianity is growing faster today……..

This is a surprise to most Christians in the Global North (i.e. Western Europe, North America, and Australia). If anything, we tend to think of this as the great age of martyrdom within global Christianity and a time of waning influence on culture. People who hold to premillennial eschatology often portray our age as the time of the “Great Falling Away” preceding the coming of the Antichrist

A Proposal
If we are going to see an improvement in the state of the church in the Global North, we have to stop doing things our way and stop relying on ourselves to get things done. We need to dedicate ourselves to prayer and learn to rely on God rather than on our programs, plans, and consultants.

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