When God pulled me out……and yes He had to pull me out of KKIM to get me into FGGAM! LOL! Anyhow what He showed me was at FGGAM we are to bring His light to one person at a time. I fact, the brochures we first printed up had on the front: For God’s Glory Alone Ministries, bringing the light of Jesus Christ to the world….one person at a time. I Was in Smiths last night buying what I needed to make My Uncle Joe’s famous Minnesota chili and nice lady stopped me inside the store and said I have seen you be nice to so many people in the store! She thanked me for being nice! Wow! Made my day! I try to be nice all the time! My point in sharing this is we are to be a walking Bible, shining the light for Jesus. I told the lady that my Mommy and Daddy taught me right. One of my favorite things to do each day is to go to the post office and I get to hold the door for people! I have to tell you that the elderly people sure do appreciate it, they can’t thank me enough! The ladies have the biggest smile on their faces! It is just so nice to do a simple thing for these folks, which I was taught at a young age…..hold the door for others! Put others before yourself. I do get the chance now and then to have an extended talk with some of the folks, talking to widow’s is one of my favorite times…..they have much love to give! I am the one being blessed. In this hurry up world, I encourage us all to slow down and make sure we are showing the love of Jesus at all times to individuals, not rushing and quickly say, “I am praying for you”, that is nice, but make sure they know you are sincere…shake or hold their hand. Offer to help them to their car. I get the biggest smiles! It blesses me so very much……..reminds me when I was a kid back in Windom, Minnesota……watching my daddy be a true gentleman, a true role model, a true man of God..he made sure to pay attention to the needs of young and old. I also get the biggest smiles from young people when I hold the door for them! Amen!

My favorite verse for this is Mark 10:44-45

The Request of James and John
44and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be slave of all. 45“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

Daddy always said, “Put others before yourself” Daddy was a Sgt. in the Marines in WWII and a Volunteer Firefighter, Head Usher at Church and Transportation Director at the School. He was a leader, but put others before himself. Mom was the same way, serving as my Dad’s assistant behind the scenes….people back home do not know how vital my Mom was to the School Transportation Dept. She took so many calls…people would call our home day and night. She also served as a cook at the school. God Bless the memory of Wally and Ruth Moede!

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