Where is the Church on Drunk Driving? I am very sadden at the news this morning that another New Mexican has been killed in a suspected drunk driving wreck. I pray for my state, beer drinking is an epidemic here, drunk driving and violent crime is out of control. Another Innocent victim. 19 year old Jacob Salazar was killed in a head-on crash on Coors Boulevard at 1:15am Saturday. Jacob’s Dad is retired Albuquerque Police Officer Jake Salazar. I am so sick and tired reporting on drunk driving deaths in New Mexico, shootings, stabbings, the killing of children…..More Here

Totally unacceptable behavior from all of us that we allow this to continue in our society…….

The suspected drunk driver was out on parole at the time of the deadly crash. This thug has a long list of crimes he has committed. Why do we keep putting these boomerang thugs out to kill and harm innocent people?

We here at FGGAM are in constant prayer for the Salazar family and the state oNews and Views-Deweyf New Mexico that continues to lose its young people to crime.

Governor Martinez talks out of both sides of her mouth……she recruits breweries to New Mexico, holds her own beer and pizza party, scolds Santa Fe Police that show up to answer a complaint about her party,  but speaks out against drunk driving, this is not honest.

It appears to me that many in New Mexico do not know who they are dealing with, it is God who they are dealing with, not a political party. God is not happy with how New Mexico is treating His children, from abortion, to extreme poverty, failing education and drunk driving deaths to other awful crimes such as parents or boyfriends of mothers killing children.

Do not mess with God, its never a good plan.

We are not fooling God Almighty, only ourselves, that we can pass more laws to change hearts and souls.

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