Let us dig into Psalm 51, really deep….I pray you have read it more than once this week! I pray you have absorbed into your heart, soul and mind. This is Part 3 of “Who Made This Stinkin’ Mess” After you accept responsibility for your stinkin’ mess and ask God to forgive you, you need to ask God to help you. It’s one thing to CLAIM that you’re a Christian, but it’s another thing to actually BE a Christian! God already has plenty of people walking around and sitting in churches who are merely “Talking the Talk”, what He needs is more people who are willing to “Walk the Walk”!!! “A little less talk and a lot more action” So many people have a hard time accepting responsibility for their stinkin’ mess!

Happy New Year from FGGAM! God Bless youDewey and Sharon in OctDewey ServicesDewey HUBad 970X90 all!

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