This is something I thought I would never write about…….especially at Christmas time……it breaks my heart it has come to this, but it needs to be said! I’m still waiting for the Republican party to denounce the behavior of the Governor. Where is the “guts” of the New Mexico Republican party? Where is the fight for the everyday citizen of New Mexico?

Isn’t it about time that the taxpayers of New Mexico take back control of the state? The Legislator and the Governor have made such a mess of things. We have the highest unemployment rate in the Country! Failing education, most of our children do not graduate from high school,  violent crime, ranked as one of the worst states. Now with Christmas on Friday, many New Mexico families have had to scrape together a Christmas for their families while Governor Martinez spent $8,000.00 of our money! OUR MONEY! NOT HER’S! on her booze and pizza party. We even paid for the beer bottles that the were thrown over the balcony. I have talked to so many people that are very upset with Governor Martinez, they feel, like me, betrayed. I do not believe she will ever win another election here in this state. She promised us BETTER than RICHARDSON, we are getting more of the same than we had with WILD BILL, maybe even worse. The Republican party certainly has blown their chance of improving New Mexico under Martinez, times are tough and getting tougher in the state, in the meantime the Governor is now known as party girl Susana.

PS: Where is the outrage by the Republican party on the behavior of the Governor? Are the Republicans afraid of Susana and her team? Where is the leadership of the Republican party???!! The Republicans should be telling party girl to step down. Party girl Susana’s story of “party night” does not add up, to many contradictions. The Governor needs to pay back the taxpayers of New Mexico $8,000, otherwise it is theft, it was misspent for a bunch of monkey business.

I no longer trust this Martinez to lead the effort to defeat drunk driving, I no longer trust Martinez to lead the education efforts of our state, what a bad example to our children, not just this, but Martinez remains silent on the killing of babies through abortion here in New Mexico….. how do you explain that to an 7 year old? How do you explain this booze and pizza party to the drunk drivers of New Mexico? News and Views-DeweySusana Martinez wonBill Richardson corruption

I also no longer trust Martinez to lead our Law Enforcement Officers……the way she treated Santa Fe Police and Dispatch and the Hotel staff is just plain awful.

It’s time for New Mexico citizens to face the facts, we have a failing government in this state. From the Guv’s office to the Legislature, they have failed the people of New Mexico. As Mark Twain said, “The only difference between a Republican and Democrat is the spelling”

Awful….awful…awful…… Susana has broken the hearts of so many people who trusted her to lead this State out of last place…….but she has dug the hole deeper.

Martinez needs to resign.

For the Republican Party of New Mexico, 2015 will be remembered for the fall of Secretary State Diana Duran and the fall of Governor Martinez. Basically the Republican Party is “toast”  for awhile anyhow here in New Mexico.

The Republicans just paved the way for Attorney General Hector Balderas to become the next Governor of New Mexico, if he so chooses to run. 

People need Jesus! Christmas is not about drinking beer and having a party! Christmas is defined by one event only! The birth of Jesus. If you and I truly celebrate the birth of Jesus, people will not have to worry that you’re a different person at Christmas, because what they see at Christmas will be the same thing they see all year long! Jesus makes the difference! That difference will affect the way you THINK and the way you ACT and the way you LIVE! Jesus will make a difference in your life! Will Christmas make any difference in your life and home? …..or just an excuse to party?

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