Lump of Coal Goes to Governor MartinezNews and Views-Dewey Pastor Dewey Note: This is a very sad commentary on the Governor of New Mexico! So much disrespect for our Police Officers and Dispatchers. Listen to the audio and make up your own mind on the state of mind of our Governor. Why can’t people behave themselves! Sadly the Governor’s true colors come out through the audio! Martinez is unfit for office. I am getting really tired of having to report on misbehaving politicians who think they are more mightier than God! We trust our elected officials to behave themselves. As my Grandma Caraway used to say, “This is enough to make a Preacher spit!”



The Office of Governor Susana Martinez is refusing to comment on a late-night phone call made by the governor to Santa Fe police following a noise complaint involving a party for the governor’s staff held at a posh Santa Fe hotel.

Audio and More Here


Governor Parties While State Burns

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