More bad news for New Mexico Governor Martinez. New audio tells us that she admits to bottles being thrown at her party. People need Jesus! Christmas is not about drinking beer and having a party! Christmas is defined by one event only! The birth of Jesus. If you and I truly celebrate the birth of Jesus, people will not have to worry that you’re a different person at Christmas, because what they see at Christmas will be the same thing they see all year long! Jesus makes the difference! That difference will affect the way you THINK and the way you ACT and the way you LIVE! Jesus will make a difference in your life! Will Christmas make any difference in your life and home? …..or just an excuse to party?     KRQE Story and Audio Here

Time  for Gov. Martinez to resign. Her story does not add up. I no longer trust her to lead our state, our Children and the effort to defeat drunk driving and work with Law Enforcement Officials.

I commend the Santa Fe Police, Santa Fe Dispatch and the Hotel Security Guard and staff for holding their composure with the rude Governor.

Lump of Coal Goes to Gov. Martinez

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