Dairy Farmers, Beef Ranchers, and Agricultural Producers UrgedTo Contact Local USDA Farm Service AgencyThose Who Have Been Impacted by Storm Should Contact Immediately


Santa Fe, NM – Dairy farmers, beef cattle ranchers, and other agricultural producers who have been impacted by the storm are urged to immediately contact their local USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) office to notify that agency of losses.  That allows affected producers to start the process of qualifying for programs that could help them cover some of their financial losses.


Beef cattle ranchers and dairy farmers are recovering in southeastern New Mexico. They’ve been helped tremendously by roadways being cleared and by snow beginning to melt. The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) continues to work on clearing roads in the southeastern part of the state. In addition, NMDOT is coordinating with the New Mexico National Guard (Guard) on the clearing of city and county roadways in the Roswell area with Guard equipment.


Ranchers are locating and identifying their animals, assessing their health, getting feed to them, and making sure mother cows and their calves are together.  Dairy farmers are assessing their animals’ health, receiving feed trucks to feed them, milking their cows as usual, and sending milk to milk-processing facilities by truck, as usual.


Part of recovery mode for both dairy farmers and beef cattle ranchers is determining livestock losses and overall herd health.  Those assessments are ongoing as both farmers and ranchers continue to care for their animals.

Death of Dairy Cows in New Mexico


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