New Mexico, you must hold Governor Martinez and the Legislature accountableNews and Views-DeweySmiths closing! for their failure to lead New Mexico out of the darkness. Failing economy, corruption, violent crime, repeat offenders, repeat killers, killing babies weekly with abortion factories in Albuquerque, failing judicial system, drunk drivers killing innocent people, some who have 20 some prior offenses, failing education system, horrific drop out rate, young people leaving the state, no jobs…..So the answer to solve some of these issues like corruption, is a recycled politician like Brad Winter? UGH!

Do I need to mention the economic failure, the red ink bath, of the Rail Runner and Spaceport that the taxpayers are stuck with?

When will the chickens come home to roost? Well, I think they did, but they were eaten!

Yesterday Pastor Paul Holt posted on the economic troubles in New Mexico and the United States. The economy is failing in New Mexico despite Governor Susana Martinez all dressed up in her cheerleader uniform and traveling around the country raising money for her next campaign. The joke is on us. It stings, like salt on a wound to the common folk like you and me. New Mexico Economic Report

Then she appoints a new Secretary of State, who is a recycled politician with ties to her family. Albuquerque City Councilor Brad Winter says he will not give up his City Council seat as he serves as Secretary of State, double dipping! Hallelujah! Merry Christmas!

So now, New Mexico does not have a full-time Secretary of State.

The economies of El Paso, TX, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and  Las Cruces, NM are performing poorly compared to many other cities across the country, according to the latest Milken Institute Best-Performing Cities rankings.

El Paso’s economy ranked No. 121 on the list of 200 large metro areas, compared to No. 53 last year — one of the biggest drops among 200 large metro areas, according to the 2015 rankings released Tuesday. More Here

All in the Family With Brad Winter

Winter is a bad Choice

New Mexico Corruption

Where is Walter Bradley when you need him? Walter is not a recycled politician, he is a man of God, who puts God first in his life, not his pocketbook or ego!

Picture is of Smith’s closing in Socorro, NM

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