At the beginning of 2015 I sent out a word and part of that word was that this year was going to be a year of preparing, building, and developing. I was sensing that for my own ministry and for many other ministries. I believe this took place not just in ministries but in personal lives as well. I’ve found that anytime God does a work in a ministry, He must also do a work in the lives of those responsible for that ministry.

I can say that, for myself, this has definitely been the case for 2015. For Stephen’s Gate Ministries it has been a year of preparation, a year of building a ministry, and a year of developing connections. A year of setting structure to the ministry. God has really shown himself faithful throughout this year. God directed me to do certain things throughout the year, such as going from writing once per week to writing every day, in order to build a ministry. God is setting this ministry up for a future and more specifically, setting things in place for 2016.

God has been preparing all of us since the day we were born and that will continue until the day we die. He’s always preparing us, building us up, and developing us. What I felt like took place this year was when He tied up some loose ends. He really set things in place for what He wants to do in 2016. Years and years of things you have been standing on and waiting for came to a completion in the development stage so that it can be released into action in 2016.

It’s kind of like a new product that is being developed. It goes through a lot of testing, a lot of building, a lot of changes and adjustments before it can be released for people to purchase. You have gone through this over this year because God has been perfecting you to this point. Not that we are perfect or ever will be perfect but He had to get us all to a specific stage before He could release us into the next phase of life He has for us.

There’s a deep work He has done in your life and there are some major adjustments that He’s had to make but it’s all for His plan and purpose in this coming year and the years ahead.

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