It seems like a no-brainer, classifying restrooms by gender in order to keep people safe and private as they respond to nature’s call. But of course, things are not that cut and dry any longer.

America’s 4th largest city, Houston, Texas seems to have voted down the euphemistically titled Equal Rights ordinance that allows men to declare themselves women on any given day and use the ladies’ room. As I record this, the ordinance was soundly defeated.

At the same time, Obama’s department of Education is demanding that an Illinois school district allow a male student to use the girl’s locker room or face losing federal funding.

There is little logic used to enable immorality and as godless progressives progress toward the inevitable chaos of rebellion against God we truly arrive in Bizarro’s world.

The twisted logic and thinking of the transgender movement is putting our children as well as our adult citizens in danger and driving our nation further from God. It is absurd to believe that even more depraved predators will not take advantage of the confusion of this bathroom issue at first to look and then to act.

A new poll shows that fewer Americans attend church, pray or even believe in God and it is worse among younger demographics. Issues like this accelerate the path we are on to become a godless nation that can then be taken over by false religion, similar to Europe as it succumbs to Islam.

There is hope when “We the People” fight back in elections, but is it too little too late?

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