Thanksgiving, the now marginalized holiday that comes before Black Friday was once the strength of the United States of America. This once great holiday was declared by governors and presidents on an annual basis and reminded us all that the wealth and prosperity we now enjoy is a blessing from God.

The Bible in the book of Romans, chapter 1 is quite plain. That while we may still recognize that God exists, we do not glorify him as God nor are we thankful, but we have become futile in our thoughts and our foolish hearts have been darkened. If we are not careful we can be turned over to a debased mind.

There is a spiritual principle regarding mental disorders that we ignore today, being thankful brings light into our hearts and causes our thinking to be correct. When we fail to have an attitude of gratitude our minds are affected and not for the good.

According to the book of Deuteronomy and the New Testament, individuals and nations must recognize that the wealth and prosperity they enjoy is not a result of their own hard work and industry but rather a blessing from God. When is the last time you blessed the name of the Lord after a meal as Deuteronomy 8 commands?

The Lord clearly warns us that failure to be thankful will remove his blessing, his protection and darken our hearts.

It is my challenge to you to make this Thanksgiving more than just an opportunity to engage in sanctioned gluttony, but instead make this day a deliberate time to recognize the blessings of God over the past year. Name them one by one.

Recognize that you have more wealth than almost anyone else on earth, or anyone else in history. After all, even the poorest American can have a place to live, food to eat and more than one set of clothes.

You are greatly blessed and you should give thanks to the Lord.

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