#StateOfABQ: Protest ABQ Calls On Mayor Berry to Address Abortion Crisis


By Tara Shaver

Recent Report: State of the City: ABQ- Late-Term Abortion Capital Under Mayor Berry 

Protest ABQ called on Mayor Richard J. Berry during his 2016 State of the City address today. We urged his constituents, supporters and friends to encourage him to speak up for and act to protect the most defenseless citizens of Albuquerque…children in the womb.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTAkQ_-KRWA]

Today as attendees of this event went inside to eat, network and hear from Mayor Berry, babies were murdered in their mothers wombs right across the street from the venue. Yes, right across the street is where Southwestern Women’s Options, the largest late term abortion facility in America is located.

Protest ABQ thinks that it’s inexcusable for another day to go by without hearing what Berry intends to do about it. Albuquerque has a shameful reputation and we should not be the only ones saying so, Mayor Berry needs to take ownership of the bloodshed in his city.

Please join us in contacting Mayor Berry’s office and ask him:

–How does he feel about the fact that ABQ is known nationally as the late term abortion capital since abortions are performed up to the day of birth in HIS city?

-Why are abortion facilities are operating out of zone? The late term facility is not properly zoned to do the 4 day late term procedure. It is actually supposed to be done in a hospital setting per the criminal abortion statute.

-Does it concern him that abortion facilities are never inspected for cleanliness and safety in ABQ?

-Why he is ignoring the women who have been and continue to be injured by Albuquerque abortion facilities?

-When does he plan to openly oppose the out of control abortion industry in HIS city and take proactive steps to change it?

Mayor Richard Berry’s Office:

Phone: (505) 768-3000

Email: mayorberry@cabq.gov

For more information visit: ProtestABQ.com


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