Protest ABQ DEMANDS a Retraction from NEWSMAX


In one of the BIGGEST Fuax Pas in 40 years of journalism, Newsmax names Silent Done-Nothing Governor Susana Martinez (NM) as one of the country’s “100 Most Influential Pro-life Advocates”over the past 42 YEARS…since 1973! 

Newsmax asserts, “Based on a variety of media and pro-life sources, Newsmax has compiled this roster of the nation’s top 100 pro-life icons. These cultural warriors long for the day when the last abortion is conducted in the United States, and they won’t cease their protests until that time…62. Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico — The Susan B. Anthony List endorsed her bid for governor. Martinez says one reason she is staunchly pro-life is because “I have seen what abortion can do to a woman.” She calls partial birth abortion “atrocious.” Named “Woman of the Year” by Heart Magazine, Martinez is getting a lot of buzz as a possible GOP vice-presidential candidate.”


Is Newsmax attempting to conjure up someone out of…NOTHING?

By Fr. Stephen Imbarrato​, The Protest Priest, ​and founder of Protest ABQ

Words in [] and links by [Bud Shaver, Executive Director at Protest ABQ​]

Governor Susana Martinez #62? So Newsmax​ uses a quote she gave during her 1st election campaign…while she was running for governor. [And Susan B. Anthony List DID NOT endorse her 2nd election campaign specifically because Protest ABQ exposed that she did NOTHING during her first term:] She said what she needed to say to get elected. Since then she has done nothing and has said little. Governing the “late term abortion capital of the country” she has not only done nothing but has been a hindrance to pro-life efforts. Her administration has called pro-lifers [fringe protesters] and “pieces of sh&t.” Her most infamous quote (in the face of pro-lifers protesting her) as Governor…”if a bill protecting fetuses comes to my desk, I would ‘consider’ signing it.”


While other governors and states investigate and defund Planned Parenthood, Martinez has been actionless and silent, claiming “I am watching this issue closely.

She only supported the late term abortion ban because, again, pro-lifers protested her into it and then her cronies conspired to write a meaningless bill doomed for failure. Susana Martinez, if pro-life, is a PLINO (pro-life in name only). It is telling that Newsmax could not come up with a single thing she has said or done in office to warrant a pro-life mantle. [Newsmax states, “She calls partial birth abortion “atrocious.” Does Silent Done Nothing “Influential Pro-Life Advocate” Susana even know that partial birth abortion has been banned?] That is because there is nothing she has said or done.

What is also telling is that Newsmax mentions her higher GOP aspirations. Yes, indeed, this is her sole motivation for everything she does or doesn’t do. Susana Martinez condones abortion and should not be on any pro-life list.

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