Planned Parenthood Cares for Underprivileged Women…NOT


12144881_1805275426365940_3177251007806896858_nBy: Sade Patterson, President for Students for Life UNM and volunteer at Women’s Pregnancy Options

I just did some investigation work for one of my co-workers who asked me to check the price of a pregnancy test at Planned Parenthood.

I decided to call myself since the price may differ upon location. I called the Planned Parenthood on San Mateo BLVD and was told they charge $25, but if I have Medicaid it would be free. I asked her what if I don’t have Medicaid and can’t afford $25. She said I should apply for Medicaid. I asked her what I should do if I need a pregnancy test done as soon as possible for free and could not apply for Medicaid. She told me she did not know how to help me.

This is the important part: I asked her if she knew of any FREE clinics that offered pregnancy tests at no charge. She said no and she couldn’t look any up for me.

Why is this important? This employee at Planned Parenthood knows that there is a pregnancy center across the street (Women’s Pregnancy Options) that offers FREE pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. She also knows that there are several Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHC’s) in the same area that offer FREE or cheaper pregnancy tests.

To me it seems as though Planned Parenthood does not really want to help women that are low-income and are not able to get Medicaid. They won’t even refer to a free location.

Do you see something wrong with this?

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