Our Illegitimate President


Our Illegitimate President

By Howard Stansell


It is indeed difficult for anyone outside the goose stepping ranks of the Obama devotee club to seriously identify any part of American life that is not in some kind of chaos! From foreign to domestic matters, the country, and thus the world is in a tail spin the recovery of which is questionable (at best).


I pen this short explicative to clarify, at its base, why and how we have allowed ourselves to become the most vulnerable nation on earth where our founding principles of life and liberty are concerned.


Let me quote from the Constitution of the United States (Article II, section 1, paragraph 8): “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” This is the oath taken by the president and by every former president. It was the beginning of the lies that have shown Barrack Hussein Obama to be an imposter who fooled a nation!


It is clear, and has been since 2008, that we have put in office the most illegitimate, fraudulent executive ever to inhabit our White House! Why is this so? One need only listen to his own words!


He has called this great document which he pledged to preserve, protect and defend, “fatally flawed because it is a document of negative liberties.” He has said these flaws, “continue to this day.” He has continuously abused this revered doctrine of our national freedoms with reckless abandon.


On this one point alone, Obama should have been impeached (and convicted) long ago. Instead, out of elation over having the first (semi) black president or because of an ill-founded form of white guilt, he not only remained in office but was elected a second time. Placated by a pale and incompetent congress Mr Obama epitomizes “the enemy from within” and rules from a roost where the separation of powers, state’s rights and the will of the people (see the 10th amendment) are summarily trampled upon!


He has dedicated himself to fundamentally transforming America. Notice, he did not say he was going to reform America; there is a distinct difference! The distinction is succinct!


He is the mistake of a generation! Only a revival of Providential proportion can save America from this profound national error!Putin-Obama

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