Farrakhan’s March of Hate

Theatre of the Absurd By Bill Wilson of The Daily Jotdaily jot
Over the weekend was another one of the Nation of Islam’s Million Man Marches. America hater Marxist Islamist Louis Farrakhan told attendees that America has nothing to offer them; that Moses wasn’t an integrationist; and talked around the concept that Blacks should overthrow the US government–though he didn’t directly say that, it’s not hard to draw the conclusion from his previous remarks. It was Farrakhan’s “justice or else” moment. Another speaker, allegedly Native American, led a chant “Down, down, USA.” To give you an idea of where things stand, Black Lives Matter, retweeted the chant slightly differently, saying “Down with USA.” So their brand of justice is injustice to those who disagree.
Across the world a slightly more violent protest was taking place in Jerusalem. Emboldened by the Islamic State, the US “president’s” Iran nuclear deal, and Russia’s actions to boost the Syrian dictatorship of Bashar Assad, Arab terrorists are escalating their call for justice against Israel. And much like the reporting on the Farrakhan event, the media slanted its coverage in favor of those wanting to mete out injustice in the name of justice. Terrorists had started the current unrest with what the media called “stabbings and other small-scale attacks by individuals” and it has escalated into police and military intervention. Each police action gives the terrorists more justification to try to maim and kill Israeli citizens.
There is a common denominator in all this injustice in the name of justice–it’s called Islam. No other political-religious system on earth gets a greater pass in the news media or from governments than Islam. Yet Islamic-run nations year after year lead the US State Department’s lists of human rights violations, child trafficking, violence against women, sex trafficking, slave trafficking and drug smuggling. We know first hand the violence Islam perpetrates wherever it goes. Yet, Islam has been allowed to build a worldwide straw man called injustice and convince certain groups that they are victims. They are victims of whites, Jews, Christians, the wealthy (although the leaders are wealthy), police and of all authority.
Do the folks that attended the Million Man March know that Islam, Farrakhan’s cover, killed most every Black Christian in Sudan? And when there were no more Black Christians to kill, they began killing Black Muslims? It’s true. In a 2011 speech to the United Nations, Israel’s Prime Minister referred to the UN’s catering to Islam as “the theatre of the absurd.” He pointed out that the UN allows radical Islamic nations to oversee committees on Human Rights, Disarmament, and the Security Council, concluding, “You couldn’t make this thing up.” This is the consequence of nations not obeying God’s word, as written in Isaiah 59:14, “And justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.” Take care to guard what is good, that it not be counted as evil.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson
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