China is Starting to Tell Us The Ugly


We must be in constant prayer for the world to come to Jesus Christ……After last nights Democratic Presidential debate, I was left with my head spinning…I was sadden to hear what was coming out of the mouths of the candidates……FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails was laughed at by all……and College and everything else is going to be free… this… that…….oh my!  What a mess we are in. It seemed they all have conceded the world to evil, maybe not candidate Jim Webb, he seemed out of place with the Democrats.  Under Obama we have lost the respect of the world, we have taken a back seat to China and Russia, the world is in chaos. 

This is going to be uncomfortable.

China released its export data for September on Tuesday, and there’s something funky in the data that suggests the country’s slowdown may not be the only reason for a 1.1% decline from the same time last year.

A lack of demand from the rest of the world may also be a big factor.

It shows that the problem isn’t just China, and that the rest of the world is also in trouble.

Easy to blame China

The Chinese economy has been experiencing a major slowdown for the last year or so. The government has been trying to transition its investment-based economy to one based more on domestic consumption. MORE HEREChina globe

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