To Build, Or Not To Build, ‘A Clock’; That Is The Question .. Now, For The Rest Of The Story

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Someone who I considered a great man with some very great messages taught me as I grew up as a young man to always try to learn ‘the rest of the story’ instead of simply laying fact to the first ‘one liner’ I heard. His name was Paul Harvey and he taught many of us an awful lot as we grew up. I wish we had another Paul Harvey today, we could dearly learn so much if we followed that example that he taught me!

Where is the wolf? .. Oh yes, right there, wearing the sheep’s clothing! (Hummm, where did I read something like that before?)

This last week we unfortunately heard about an incident where a young man was detained at a school in Irving Texas after he apparently presented a project he had done where he had built a ‘clock?’ from scratch and brought it to school. I myself certainly question the young’s mans choice of a project under the current tensions around the world and right here in America and only a few miles from where this area underwent a small terrorist attack just a few months ago. But I do not have all the facts of the situation and can not lay final judgement on his intentions.

But it is wise of us to consider what is happening across America today and re-consider how we react to such situations. How many have ‘blamed the gun’, or ‘blamed the teachers’, or ‘blamed the authorities’ in recent school shootings; yet, when these folks responded in a responsible and safe manner in this incident insuring the safety of others while we seem all to ready to jump on them for their ‘over?’ reaction.

To my knowledge, the young man, I believe of Muslim descent, probably innocently built this clock for his project. When he brought it to school the teachers were somewhat alarmed and questioned the child about it. When the child failed to respond to their questions concerning the clock or his intent, he apparently would not respond or comment. When authorities were notified, his behavior of un-cooperativeness continued at which time he was handcuffed and apparently removed from the school from my understanding. And do not be deceived that it was a 14-year-old child; many terrorist suicide bombings are conducted by women and children. But that is not to imply this child’s guilt. Only the need to exercise great caution in these matters and the conclusions we jump to before we know all the facts. Safety first as I say, and that’s exactly what occurred here.

I personally commend the teaches, and authorities, who took this action for ensuring the safety of their students and the general public. While this particular incident may be of complete innocence, it is wise for us to pay attention in today’s world of what is happening around us.

I take note that we’re more than willing to put up with students being expelled from school for wearing a patriotic shirt with the American Flag on it and a child can not even take an aspirin at school without a Congressional or Presidential proclamation; yet we’re now ready to jump on and judge these teachers and authorities for something that they might believe may hurt, harm or kill many of those they have been placed in charge of to maintain their safety.

We have now become so very ‘PC’, we blind ourselves to what is about us and that my friends is a very dangerous place to be!

As discussed in the article I’ve attached here, before we condemn these authorities, since this is what we have asked them to do for our safety and our children’s safety, let’s use caution in our judgements. The ‘device’, as I refer to it, is almost exact in similarity to a military training manual which displays ‘trigger devices’ for making IED’s or bombs being used in terrorist attacks and in combat today as we speak. And looking at the outlay of the device, which does not appear in the shape of a normal ‘clock’, that this child brought to school, I would also have been very observant as to what may be going on.

If we can expel a student, or worse, for wearing a patriotic shirt or taking an aspirin, why can we not take all necessary precautions in an incident such as this.

Please read the article here which brings in more detail concerning the issue we face today and provides more detail into this incident:

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