Palestinian President Declares Temple Belongs to Palestinians


The bible declares that Jerusalem will be a stumbling block for the world until the great and terrible Day of the Lord. Of course, the bible also records that the Lord gave specific boarders to Israel including Jerusalem and that does not sit well with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

On Wednesday, Abbas declared, “Al-Aqsa is ours, and so is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre,” he went on to swear that Israelis would not be allowed to put their “dirty feet” on any Palestinian holy site.

At issue is the recent violent acts of Muslims, specifically young men who had gathered stones and pipe bombs to throw during Rosh Hashanah on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Apparently, Abbas is offended that Israel would eject these fine upstanding folks from the site.

There have also been a greater number of women and men accosting Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount to prevent them even the privilege to visit.

In 1967, the State of Israel was attacked by the surrounding Muslim nation in an attempt to destroy God’s people. These nations were soundly and surprisingly defeated. Because it was a year of Jubilee, the Lord gave much of Israel’s biblical land back to her including the Temple Mount.

We should note that even to this day the Temple Mount is really controlled by Israel and sub-managed by the Muslims because Israel is unwilling to allow it’s people to control it.

Muslim’s have long contended that Israel has no claim to Jerusalem or the land it took in 1967, but it is long established that it belongs to Israel nonetheless.

Until Israel begins to own the Temple Mount the internal struggle will continue, but then the external struggle will begin in earnest until the Lord returns.

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