Overthrowing the US–count the ways

Bill Wilson
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Friday,  September 18, 2015

Overthrowing the US–count the ways

The occupant of the Oval Office promised to “remake America” when he was first elected to office. He is true to his word. There are so many ways to overthrow a nation, and he is a practicing marvel at it. Destroy the economy and put as many as possible on the government dole (record numbers out of the workforce; record numbers on government assistance programs); destroy traditional marriage, the fabric of society; refuse to secure the borders and bring in millions of Islamists as refugees–these are all pretty effective ways to rip apart the greatest nation in the world and “remake” it. Now the “president” is in a race to put the finishing touches on his masterpiece of remaking before the next election.

The New York Times reports that the “president” is redoubling his efforts to encourage legal immigrants to become voting citizens. The Times reports: “White House officials announced the start of a nationwide campaign on Thursday to encourage legal immigrants to become American citizens, which could add millions of voters to the electorate in time for the presidential election next year. With about 8.8 million legal residents in the country who are eligible to become citizens, White House officials said they were trying to make it easier to complete the final steps to citizenship.” The feds will be offering practice tests on cellphones, paying fees with credit cards, and organizing citizenship workshops.

The Times continues, “Also in the works are local initiatives to make immigrants feel more welcome, and a revision of Justice Department regulations that would make it easier for people who want to help immigrants naturalize to obtain credentials to provide basic volunteer legal assistance.” Your tax dollars will also pay for a television blitz campaign that has the “president” giving a warm and fuzzy “welcoming” message. Statistics indicate that about 60% of legal immigrants are Latino and 20% are Asian, with nearly a third of legal immigrants being Mexican. These demographics elected the “president,” not once, but twice. And he is counting on another socialist to finish the job he started in remaking America.

At the same time Islamists “refugees” from terrorist-sponsoring states are being brought in by the hundreds of thousands, the “president” is also using your hard earned tax dollars to curry favor with a voting block the next socialist Democrat will need to get elected. The end result is the further melting down of America, its unique and successful Republic, and with it the exceptional way of life called the American Dream. This is what happens when we allow our nation to turn away from God. There are severe consequences for breaking the laws of God, and America is experiencing them. It’s in our choices for leadership and our collective social morals. Proverbs 4:19-22 says, “The way of the wicked is as darkness…attend to my words…keep them in the midst of your heart. For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.”

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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