Hillary Attacks GOP Over Planned Parenthood, WHAT ABOUT THE BABIES?


Hillary Clinton attacked Republicans yesterday saying that the GOP would be endangering the economy if they shut down the federal government in an effort to block funding for Planned Parenthood. Lives must not matter to Hillary, babies must not matter to her, the selling of baby parts must be okay with her.  MORE HERE 40 Days for Life Fall Kick Off Campaigns are here in New Mexico! There are two campaigns taking place. One in Rio Rancho New Mexico and one in Las Cruces New Mexico. The campaign is made up of 3 components which are: 1) Prayer and Fasting – inviting people of faith throughout our city and across the country to join together for 40 days of fervent prayer and fasting for an end to abortion; 2) Peaceful Vigil – standing for life through a 40-day peaceful, public witness outside the local Planned Parenthoods and other abortion mills, 3) Community Outreach – taking a positive, upbeat pro-life message to every corner of our city through media efforts, church and school outreach, petition drives and public visibility. More on 40 Days For Life40days for lifeAbortion todayDewey on abortionabortionAbortion corsses

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